Being underweight is like being overweight. Moreover, an individual can be considered to be underweight if he weighs 10 percent less than the ideal weight. And, ideal weight is calculated on the basis of given height, built, and sex of an individual. However, weighing less than 20 percent of the ideal weight is considered as a harmful condition for overall health and well being of the suffering individual. Furthermore, being skinny can cause various physical and psychological disorders, for example disorders of digestive system, and low self esteem. Besides, in severe cases, malnutrition might lead a suffering individual towards more severe ailments, for example cardiovascular complications.

Nevertheless, a lot of skinny individuals have to work hard to slightly increase their bodyweight, because of various factors such as hormonal imbalance, some health complications, and genetic predisposition. However, in most of the cases, faulty eating habits of children lead them to malnutrition, due to which they lose their weight. Nonetheless, skinny children might suffer from various physical ailments, if their parents do not take adequate measures to resolve weight issues. Besides, due to weight issues, not only physical appearance of the skinny individuals gets affected but also there are several medical risks for them. Moreover, in most of the cases, underweight individuals are poorly nourished, due to which they have to suffer from medical problems.

In addition, the proper growth and development of the skinny individuals gets affected due to poorly nourished body. Also, such individuals might suffer from daytime fatigue, and lack of concentration. And, the body's natural ability to thermo-regulate itself also reduces, due to lack of nourishment.

Moreover, there are many products in the market that are effective in increasing the bodyweight. But, most of the products are made with chemicals that might prove to be harmful for the body. Furthermore, due to the side effects of the chemically made products, many individuals seek for a healthy natural product that can increase weight without affecting their health. And, FitOFat capsule is one of the popular herbal underweight treatment remedy supplement that effectually increases bodyweight without inducing harmful effects on the body. In addition, it consists of potent herbs and nutrients that supports the functioning of the entire body organs by overcoming various deficiencies, for example blood deficiency, nourishment deficiency, and energy deficiency. Also, it stimulates the appetite to help a skinny individual to eat more food. Besides, FitOFat capsule improves the functioning of digestive system for proper absorption of nutrients acquired from the food.

In conclusion, being skinny is not only harmful for the physical appearance but also for overall health of the suffering individual. And, there are many chemical-based products that are easily available in the market, but they might cause side effects on the user. Nevertheless, FitOFat capsule is a natural herbal underweight treatment remedy supplement that increases bodyweight safely and effectively. Moreover, it enhances the appetite of the user, and helps in proper absorption of nutrients by improving the health of digestive system. And, any underweight individual can use FitOFat capsule because, it is made with natural herbs that are used since ancient time to gain weight and muscle mass.

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