This following article is about the best gaming laptop under 2 lakhs in India and the way you can find the right one with the help of ideal specifications and minimum criterions.

Gaming laptops are no longer just a machine for playing video games. Apart from gameplay, this robust device is also a popular choice among the young generation who need to perform multiple tasks or work on any high-end projects. Even most of the professionals and students are now leaning towards these robust machines for their advanced specifications and powerful built-up. While, the regular machines do not take the load of the high-tech and graphic-intense tasks, these gaming devices can support most of the technical, graphical, editorial works without any lags or stutters. Besides that, they are super portable and easily commutable. But the only drawback is that, they are way costlier than the regular machines for the advancements of their features. And, often it makes the pro gamers leave on their dreams to play their favourite games. But no worries! There are tonnes of gaming machines that come under a budget potential for both your gameplay and work purposes. All you need to do is to find the right one from this huge option and we will help you in that. In this article, we will discuss the ideal specs of the best gaming laptop under 2 lakhs that will help you find the right machine.

What are the minimum requirements to find the best gaming laptops under 2 lakhs?

Well, when it comes to the question of what will be the ideal laptop for your gaming, there are tonnes of devices our country has to offer us. But in order to find the best one you need to check if the machine meets the minimum criterions of being the best gaming laptop or not. Over the time, our tech experts have reviewed thousands of machines to find out what are the best ones and found the following specs are ideal for gaming laptops.

1.// CPU: The Central Processing Unit or CPU is the main component of a gaming machine as it controls the whole operation of the system and makes the computing smoother. With the cores, it efficiently handles all the different actions instructed for the commands you made. This is why, it is an important thing to check beforehand. Any laptop with at least 10th generation i7 Intel core or AMD Ryzen 7 series will be the best.

2.// GPU: Next comes the Graphic Processing Unit or GPU that comes with responsibilities to handle the graphic related works on the machine. Besides that, it also reduces the load from CPU by 50%. Since most of the modern AAA games are graphic-intense, a dedicated graphics card is a must. Any machine featuring either NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060/2070 or an advanced AMD RX GPU series with at least a 6 GB VRAM is the best fit for the budget, but not anything lower than these.

3.// RAM: Every laptop needs an adequate system memory or RAM to run smoothly with any commands. Whether it is about playing high-octane games or running a heavy-graphics computer program on it, without the sufficient RAM, the machine won’t be able to work swiftly and may cause several lags or stutters. But for the best gaming laptop under 2 lakhs, a 16 GB DDR4 RAM expansible at least up to 32 GB would be preferable.

4.// Storage: Though storage may seem an unimportant feature when it comes to checking the ideal specs, but it is required to download, store, and run a computer program as well as game swiftly. An ample space is a must while purchasing a gaming laptop. There are three types of storage options available in the modern-day machines: only SSD, only HDD, and Hybrid Storage. Among those, we will recommend you not to opt for an only HDD option, rather choose either a hybrid storage (1 TB HDD + 256 GB SSD) or at least a 512 GB – 1 TB SSD for good performance.

5.// Display: There is absolutely no point of playing a high-octane game when you do not have a good display. You will find different display sizes in different model from different brands, but make sure that it is bigger enough to play a game, stream a video, and edit a multimedia. We will suggest you to go for at least a 15.6 – 17.3 inches display with full HD visual in 1920 x 1080 screen resolution settings.

6.// Cooling Features: It is also a must thing to check on a gaming machine before making the final purchase. Continuous gameplay or multitasking on a machine tends to make it produce heat. Without a proper solution, the machine can get overheated and cause internal damages. This is why, a cooling feature is needed. Make sure the cooling feature of your machine is using an advanced technology and does not produce noises while working.

7.// Battery Life: Though the battery life depends on how you are using the laptop, it would be great if you purchase one with good battery backup. Any gaming machine with at least 5 – 8 hours average battery life will be the best for this budget.


Often it looks tough to find a good gaming machine in 2021 when there are tonnes of devices around in our country. But if you look closely with the ideal specs of the gaming devices, it would be much easier. Well, we hope the above criterions will help you find the best gaming laptop under 2 lakhs in India that can fulfill your gaming and professional requirements.

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