As the number of dual-income families continues to increase in America, most homeowners now pay professionals to handle the chores they used to do on their own. They hire workers to clean their homes, cut their lawns, and to wash their windows. The good news is that they generally get good value for their money. Professional cleaning and maintenance crews often do a better job than homeowners could have. Because they use commercial-grade cleaning products and equipment, they are able to make surfaces shine like new.

When it comes to commercial window cleaning, most businesses let the pros do it for them. One obvious reason is that cleaning windows that are above the first floor can be dangerous. Thousands of Americans are injured or killed falling off ladders each year. No, cleaning windows is not complicated. But it does require experience and the right tools.

Most homeowners that hire a professional window cleaning service do so because they value their time. They don’t want to waste the entire weekend washing the windows and getting mediocre results. And since they cannot physically do the work, older homeowners almost always hire a professional window cleaning service to do it for them.

What are the benefits?

You can’t clean windows with a rag and soap. Well, you can, but it wouldn’t turn out well. Most of the professionals use a machine called a pressure washer, which is powered by either gasoline or electricity. When special cleaning solutions are added to the water source, the strong stream can removed mold, grime, mud, dust, moss, and even loose paint from most besmirched surfaces.

Because they do it every day, a professional window cleaning service can often get the job done in only a few hours. Each member of these cleaning crews knows exactly what to do. Some work on the ground while others clean the windows on the second and third floors. It would take the average do-it-yourselfer an entire weekend to do the work they can complete in four or five hours.

Other services

Most professional window cleaning companies offer a number of popular services. In addition to power washing the windows, they may also clean the gutters, the driveway, and the house itself. When mold, dirt, and debris accumulate on the brick, wood, or aluminum materials on the exterior of your home, it is can be difficult to remove. No regular garden hose has the power to clean these stains.

Only a trained professional with the right equipment and cleaning solutions can remove them. Thankfully, most companies offer package deals. In other words, they will not only clean your windows, they will clean your gutters, house, and driveway for one flat fee!

What to look for?

Because the startup costs are low, there are plenty of window cleaning companies that have little to no experience in the industry. Before you hire what you think is a professional service provider, make sure you check them out online. Never hire a company because you have a coupon or because you found their flyer on your windshield. They may not know what they’re doing. Furthermore, they may be unwilling to offer a refund if they do a lousy job.

A reputable and experienced company, on the other hand, actually cares about its reputation. If the job is not completed to your satisfaction, they will typically offer a refund or do it over again.

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Blue Water Complete is a professional window cleaning company that provides commercial window cleaning services to businesses in South Florida.