A seller can establish the sales performance of his products within a particular category using the Amazon Bestseller rank. All the Amazon products have a numerical sales ranking based on the profitability of the products. It means sourcing at the lowest possible price and selling the same at highest possible price possible in order to maximize the profit.

You will get ranking at different time frames. To get the performance of the product considers the average ranking. Products will rank differently based on the trends and seasons. Current rank means its recent performance. Therefore you cannot forecast its future performance using the present facts.

How will you find Amazon’s sales rank?

On Amazon product page
You will find Amazon’s sales rank of your product on Amazon’s product page. To access the page, enter the product name or catalog number on Amazon’s search bar at the top of the homepage. On the product page, you will find Product Details, comprising of features and technical description of the products. At the bottom of the page, there will be ‘Amazon Bestsellers Rank’ along with a number. That particular number is the current sales rank of the item. You can collect the ranking at different time frame to create your own database of the rankings use them to forecast and control your performance in the future.

On the Amazon seller App
You can use the Amazon seller app to find the ranking of your products. The App is very much useful to find out current ranking as well as the history of your performance. With all the data with you, it helps you to analyze, forecast and decide your future actions to control your performance.

Other than these two options, there are some free Amazon rank trackers. Here are some of them to help you out in getting your rankings on Amazon.

CamelCamelCamel: You can use the site to get all the details of your product ranking along with the price trends and stocks. It calculates all the necessary data for you making your analysis easy and less time-consuming.
Keepa: Keepa.com is very efficient sales rank viewer and tracker that offer additional features such as the ranking calculator, list of best sellers, product viewers and a tab demonstrating average and historical prices and stock levels. It can be accessed through apps also.
Rank Tracer: This is useful in keeping a record of the performance of the products. It provides hourly updates on ranking. To get the instant performance of your product and set the future course of actions, it is very helpful.
These online resources surely help you to get rid of overstocks and wasted products. It may take your valuable time to get the actual scenario and decide on your future acts. You may go through the online tutorials to learn how to use them properly. Further, you may approach to the professional, expert in dealing with ranking and other business opportunities. Be updated with all the data so that you can use them as and when you need them.

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