American law is very different from European rights. In addition, laws are not all national: they can have a large number of local specificities. For all the stages of your immigration or implantation of company, you will be thus confronted with a number of problems that you cannot, only, imagine. They can lead to delays of several months on your immigration file or your business location. So, a lawyer can save you time and money.


The United States is a country where conflicts often end in court. To avoid them, prevention is better than cure, especially when you are not a native of this country. Generally, do not worry, everything goes well for the greatest number, but it is better still to be advised on everything at your arrival (or before). You touch a car, and you see his owner take your picture with his phone? You understand then that you are no longer in Montreal or Strasbourg! You may also need to learn the reflexes of legal protection that all Americans know, and use your lawyer to explain them. If someone slips into your store or sidewalk, you know that you may get a complaint.


Immigration visa lawyers can work for you from anywhere in the United States, no matter where you are in the USA. This is not necessarily the case for other legal professionals.

Every year in Florida, a very large number of visas, investment records, legal problems of all kinds, never find a solution, and a large number of immigrants, expatriates, tourists ... is in check (ask around of you if it is not true!). Yet, in most cases, Europeans, Canadians, Haitians and other Francophones had a lawyer. There are a lot of lawyers in Florida ... There are a lot of lawyers ... and then there are those who have a great reputation, and we recommend you. With them your file will not contain errors, and it will not end up "below the pile"! (The list below is not set in order of preference: they are all very professional in their respective fields).

The list of lawyers is just below this introductory text. Know first of all that a lawyer is "attorney at law" or "lawyer". If you are looking for an immigration lawyer, know also in the United States he can practice on ALL the American territory (and not only in the State where his cabinet is located).

Lawyers and Law Offices in West Palm Beach, Florida

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