It may seems to be a daunting task to find the right estate planning lawyer for efficient planning of your estate. But with clarity of vision, pre-planning and expert opinion you can find a reliable and experienced estate planning attorney without any difficulty.

Let us consider some of the means discussed below to help you find the most suitable wills and estate planning lawyers.

  1. Take referrals and suggestions! According to a renowned estate planning lawyer San Diego, taking referrals is one of the best means of finding a reliable estate planning lawyer. When someone is suggesting you some name, this means they have been a satisfied client of that lawyer in past. So don’t hesitate in taking suggestions from friends, family, co-workers, neighbours and other associates for finding a good estate planning lawyer. It will be important to note that you need not limit yourself to referrals from friends and family, on the contrary continue your hunt on internet as well as on phone directories.
  2. Consult your chartered accountant! Your chartered accountant, financial advisor or a person who handles your taxes will be in the best position to guide you about your estate planning and whom to go to for it. According to a renowned San Diego estate planning lawyer, such financial advisors also add estate planning as an added qualification in their business card. You can always ask for suggesting a name of a lawyer with expertise in the field.
  3. Give a call to a person who files ITR for you! The person who files ITR or income tax returns, is usually in touch with many lawyers dealing in estate planning and taxes related to one’s estate. According to a Wills and estate planning lawyers San Diego, giving a call to such a person will not only help in getting valuable insights about the most experienced estate planning lawyer but it is one of the best meant of optimising all the resources you have.
  4. Ask to a real estate attorney! According to a best estate planning attorney San Diego, real estate attorneys often associate with estate planning lawyers during sale and purchase of lands, business or offices. If you happen to know some good real estate attorney then he will be in good position to guide you regarding estate planning attorney.
  5. Another very reliable means of getting information about estate planning lawyer is making a call to your bar association. They usually have thousands of lawyers registered with them and can easily suggest lawyers with good track record, reviews and ratings.
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