As the publisher of a book, the first thing you will probably consider is the inclusion of appropriate images to match its content. Most writers and publishers prefer to work with a professional freelance illustrator in the UK as it is economical and offers a wide choice of talented artists who put their best creative foot forward. Finding the right one however can prove to be a challenge. Regardless of whether you have decided to self-publish your book or plan to print through a publisher, you must have an idea of the type of illustration you want for your work.

As an author, you can always browse artists’ websites for professional freelance illustrators in UK. It is important to look at a few illustrators’ styles before you make a list of the ones that appeal to you. Based on this, you can also prepare the brief for your illustrator. Some artists provide their contact details through which you can get in touch with them for a more detailed discussion.

While looking for your book cover artist or illustrations inside your book, remember the following:

- If you have a budget, bear that in mind while asking the illustrator for a project estimate. Freelance illustrators in UK usually quote based on the entire project rather than an hourly rate.
- Look for an artist with experience with the style you need, particularly if you are publishing your first book. An illustrator who knows what he is doing can be an invaluable asset who plays a role in the success of your book.
- Ask the artist for the contact information of authors and other clients he has worked with and get in touch with them to obtain feedback about the artist. You will get an insight into his method of working and his ability to adhere to deadlines.
- Make sure you draw up a contract as it will protect both you and the freelance illustrator in UK. Have the terms of the contracts and each party’s obligations drawn up in writing so that both are equally committed to the project.
- It is acceptable to be flexible and negotiate if the artist is really good. Freelance illustrators are generally reasonable with prices as the competition is high.
- Request the artist for some basic sketches based on your brief so that you know if you are getting what you want. Freelance artists are usually agreeable to doing this free of charge.
- Be open to the artist’s recommendations. Sometimes, the illustrator can come up with a better idea than the one you have in mind. As creative people who express words in pictures, artists can bring your words to life.
- Trust the freelance illustrator in UK once you hire him.

It is natural to be eager to find the right illustrator but it is also important to do the homework and hire one who will do justice to your book. In the end, when you are ready to publish your book, it will be a team effort between the author and the illustrator.

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Dylan Gibson is a well known and experienced Freelance Illustrator in UK who is creative, flexible and easy to work with him. This Illustrator in UK, measures his success in terms of your satisfaction level.