When you move, there are two possibilities: either you roll up your sleeves and do it yourself, or you seek the services of a professional moving company. In the second case, it remains to find the rare pearl! How to find a qualified mover at a price that remains correct? This is the subject of our article.

1. Word of mouth

The most classic and always very effective way to find a good plan for your move is by word of mouth. On average each year 1 in 6 French people are moved. Suffice to say that you necessarily know someone who has recently moved to whom you can ask for advice.

Be careful though: every move is different, and just because your brother/cousin/friend moved with a particular company does not mean that the same company will be competent / or competitive for your move. It is therefore always important to compare by obtaining other quotes (see below).

2. The websites

There is a multitude of sites on the internet that allow you to obtain quotes from movers or even simple estimates which can be instantaneous (but not very precise). The process is always the same: you enter your contact details and some information about your move, and the movers will contact you to give you a quote. The forms are more or less complete (and complex), and details are requested most of the time by phone or email.

The advantage is that it is very fast: you are contacted in a few hours at most and can get your quotes in less than 24 hours.

The downside is that it's too fast! You can quickly find yourself harassed by calls from movers within an hour of your request. Besides, in general, no removal work is done upstream and you can find everything there, good and bad. So check that they are serious companies (registration in the trade register, transport license, moving insurance, membership in the moving union chamber.

3. Direct canvassing / local artisans

You can also directly solicit movers, without going through an intermediary. The large national networks such as Flyttebyrå Oslo, Demeco and Gentlemen are sure values ​​in terms of quality but their services are generally expensive. The quotes are free so you are free to ask them for a quote directly to compare.

Note that these groups operate as franchises so there may be variations in quality from one agency to another.
Also remember to contact, via the yellow pages or Google maps, for example, the movers near you: you can get attractive prices because of their proximity.

4. Moving brokers

If you have little time to devote to your search for movers, entrust it to the professionals! The moving broker profession has developed recently, particularly with the arrival on the market of new players.

The broker first takes care of understanding your needs, by analyzing it either by phone or by a technical visit to your home. He then submits your project to his partners and comes back to you with several negotiated offers. Most of the time, the service of a moving broker is free.

The broker's brand image being at stake, the movers are often subject to a quality charter and the level of services is generally much better than on the sites for obtaining quotes.

If you have found your future home, the hardest part is done: all you have to do is use one or more of these methods to find your mover!

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