Learning how to get website traffic is one of the most important and beneficial online marketing skills that you can develop. By learning how to drive traffic to your website you will be able to go from having a website with little or no traffic, to getting more and more traffic each and every month.

Once you start getting more and more daily traffic to your site, you can then start looking at changes or improvements that you can make to increase your conversion rate. This means that you will increase the number of visitors that come to your site and take your desired action, which may be to join your email list or to make a purchase.

The choice is your, however the key is to be able to get more traffic to your site so that you always have options for monitizing your traffic. Basically there are two different ways of getting traffic to your site and they are by using free methods or by investing in paid traffic generation methods.

How To Get Website Traffic Using Free Methods

Optimizing your site and all of the content that you create is the best goal to start with in order to attract more attention from both your potential visitors and from the major search engines.

Here are 5 basic methods that you can use:

1.) Article Marketing - This involves either writing high quality, informative and useful articles yourself and submitting them to different article directories or outsourcing your the process. These articles should help to establish you as an expert in your market and by including links back to your website you will also be able to help your search engine rankings while also getting more traffic to your site as well.

2.) Social Network Marketing - This can be as simple as posting a link to your content in all of your different social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc... You can also add social media pluggins like ‘addthis.com’ to your webpages which will allow visitors to choose their favorite social media site to share your content on.

3.) Search Engine Marketing - This involves doing both on page and off page search engine optimization in order to increase your search engine rankings for your different keyword search phrases.

Learning search engine optimization could be one of the most time consuming and most complex parts of building an online business however it can be helpful to understand even if you do not plan to study it in depth.

4.) Video Marketing - This method has become very popular and very easy to do, even if you do not want to be the one appearing on the video, you can very easily outsource it for someone else to do. Another option is to create slide show type videos where you may choose to simply explain your content in the video without doing any camera shots of yourself in the video.

5.) Classified Advertising - This can be done by creating different ads and posting them to some of the many different online sites like craigslist, oodle.com, usafreeads.com, etc.. The key here is to renew or resubmit your ads on a regular basis.

Benefits of using free traffic methods

* Free Marketing & Advertising - There is very little if any out of pocket expense if you do these marketing tactics yourself. This is often the best way to get started because it can also help you to lear your market better.

* Long Term Traffic - Many of the free methods such as article and video marketing will have a long shelf life when they are seen as having very high quality content in them.

* Simple Marketing System - You can easily setup a simple system the you follow on a regular basis to consistently produce and promote content on a regular basis. As a result the cumulative affects of your efforts will be seen over time.

With that said, lets look at some of the faster ways to get website traffic.

How To Get Website Traffic Quickly By Using Paid Methods

It is important to mention that for any paid method that you may choose to use, you should first invest the time and effort to throughly learn and understand that system before you invest any amount of money in trying to use it. Far too many people look to get quick and easy results by just throwing money at the problem and thinking, that will solve it.

When you spend both your time, in getting to know the system and also your money to use the system, then you are on your way to getting your desired results.

Here are some of the most common methods that you should be familiar with :

1.) Outsourcing - Using sites like fiverr.com, Odesk.com, Elance.com, etc you can find highly qualified talent to help you get your projects completed without you having to do any of the work. For best results you should be able to clearly communicate your desired result and all expectations that you may have for the work that is to be done.

2.) Ad Swaps - This is where you can purchase solo ads to help you quickly build your email list or you can do ad swaps with others. If you already have a list of at least 1000 subscribers, this could be another way to make money with your list as well.

3.) Pay-Per-Click - This allows you to only pay for the times when someone actually clicks on a link to visit your website. When done properly this is a very effective way of maximizing your online advertising cost.

4.) Pay-Per-View - This method usually involves paying for your ad to be shown as a popup when a user with adware installed visits a site that you are targeting. In most cases you can get pretty low cost which can allow you to earn a good rate of return.

5.) Media Buying - This covers most of the other methods available including direct to site buys, banner ads and many other types of advertising service providers.

In most cases getting a fixed link or banner ad placed on a site is usually best because it not only allows you to get traffic from a high traffic site but it may also give your site some extra link juice which can help with your sites search engine rankings.

Benefits Of Using Paid Traffic Generation Methods

* Quick Traffic - Once you learn and implement the methods you can be getting traffic to your site that same day.

* Targeted Traffic - In most cases this will be very targeted traffic however you should always look for ways to maximize the quality of your traffic.

* Very Trackable - In most cases you can use one or two different ways of tracking your results such as pixel tracking or using an ad-server.

These are the two different ways to get website traffic, the free methods usually work slowly and do not cost you much money. While using paid traffic can get visitors to your site quickly and help you start enjoying more sales much faster.

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