Packing and moving is a risky task. Packers and movers Dwarka Delhi have to transport a massive volume of luggage to large distances. The luggage shifted includes all sorts of items - fragile, durable, cheap, and expensive. Under moral and legal responsibility, many packers and movers provide insurance for any loss or damage to the transported items.

What is a moving insurance claim?

An insurance claim is a grievance you lay down when you have any of your assets damaged or lost after your move. This is a claim you present to show that your assets have been damaged or are not in the shape you left them. So if you notice anything scratch on your appliances, a defect in one of your belongings, or even a broken or cracked valuable item, then you might want to file an insurance claim.

What to do if top 5 packers and movers in ghaziabad do any damage to your belongings?

Even though the packers and movers handle your luggage with the utmost care, there are chances of damage, the reasons for which may be internal or external. Internal causes include flimsy packaging or reckless driving. External causes include traffic vibrations, stormy weather, and theft. In either case, a customer can use legal measures against the company by filing a consumer complaint under Section 12 of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. Putting your confidence in someone is a tricky thing and it is wise to be careful. The whole process of leaving your home and going somewhere else, somewhere unfamiliar is a huge venture. That is why hiring a dependable relocating company is essential as with their help, your move can be a lot easier to bear. Skillful moving companies can go a long way in helping you out as many of them offer many different packing and moving services.

1) Keep all the communication with the company documented
From the day you hire your moving company, keep secure every single piece of communication in a documented format. Every single detail is critical. You may be required to tell the full story with a precise timeline of how your items were damaged. Several hard copies of every single piece of paper including contracts, bills, faxes, and receipts have to be available for inspection. Some companies may require you to transfer them, which is why you should have multiple copies of each document. When you are conversing with their agent, note the date you talked with them.

2) Go through your contract with them
If you are in a circumstance that you have to file a moving insurance claim, understand the contract first. Read the contract thoroughly before you even approve it. You should ensure that you receive a copy of this document. Before you decide to file a moving insurance claim, ensure that you know how much money the company is required to offer. Note down the details of your discussions from the day you chose to hire the moving company until the time you decided to lay the claim. You want to have a history of all the conversations you have with them. This will support you with precise information on the timeline associated with when you claimed. You should also cover all the hard copies of documents, bills, receipts, and every form of paperwork gotten from the moving company. Write down the name of everyone and anyone who speaks to you during that time. Always ask for the names, and addresses of those who spoke to you. If they do not provide it, you should demand them to furnish you with such information.

3) Inform the company that you plan to file a moving insurance claim
They are your best choice for getting all the necessary information for how exactly the process works. This is so because every company has a different process and general policy. That is why you have to keep all the papers safe since you never know which one you might need. Furthermore, by informing them about your intentions, you are giving them a chance to offer you a settlement directly.
Get informed on the conditions of the insurance before signing anything.

Inform your moving company about the claim you want to file
You have to notify your moving company regarding filing a moving insurance claim. There are two consequences you can anticipate from telling your moving company. One is that you can expect that they might want to resolve things affirmatively with you. If they choose to rectify things with you, and you like the terms and conditions, you can go ahead. But if you disagree with their settlement, you can let the alternate option take place.

The second option is furnishing you with a comprehensive review of the types of moving insurance claims. They will give you the most beneficial information, and you can go forward to choose the best you want. If your belongings are not complete, they can lead you on what else you need to give so that the filing process is easy.

4) File a moving insurance claim
You have to do this within nine months from the delivery date. The earlier you begin with this, the better. Documents that you should have as a part of your claim are inventory list, inventory list that the company made, photos of the damaged items before and after, any proof that you might gather of their worth, and any other proof that may sustain your claim

They have to explain your claim in thirty days – that is their statutory obligation. Make sure that you read the contract before you register a moving insurance claim.

5) Accurately document the damage and monetary value of the item in question
This process comes to the picture only when you notice damage or harm done to your belongings. Do not forget to click pictures of the new condition of the item, and match it to the former state. Having both the old and new pictures can produce very reliable evidence to confirm your claim. Also, make sure that you keep this item, do not lose or throw it away. Most insurance companies ask for a piece of solid evidence before subsequent steps can be carried.

6) Review the moving company's contract
Make sure you go through the contract with your moving company again and with the investigation. There are many elements of the contract you have to pay heed to. Some of the segments you should settle on are the inventory and bill of lading sections.

The inventory segments explain to you how the complete amount of items and belongings you have in your ownership. You have to verify this part because it contains the data about the items you have collected by the moving company. You should verify it with yours to see if it is harmonious. If you have found it to be compatible, you can admit to what they have on their list. Be informed of the nature of insurance, you have chosen. There are essentially two types. The full coverage awards you the entire amount of money declared for each item you have placed.

7) Go ahead and file the claim
After you have filed an insurance claim, the company will acknowledge that they have received your claim. The process and practice in which the issue is resolved are entirely dependent on the kind of insurance you choose. You need to ensure that you have complete knowledge of what the company is to cover and what they are not going to cover.

Before you can even consider placing an insurance claim, you should be certain of the company you are choosing. Make sure you only hire a trusted and exp[erienced company for your shifting otherwise you will not have a sturdy grip on them while handling cases of an insurance claim. Ensure that they explicitly declared that they have insurance. Moving companies void of insurance policy can make you repent if anything goes wrong. You have to be careful when it comes to hiring a moving company. Try to arrange all the necessary papers so that you are not deprived of a chance to get compensation for your items.

It's likely that while packing and moving, your belongings get damaged. In a market economy like today, almost all companies want to persuade their customers. Hence, they welcome the insurance claims by their customers. Because the customers' assets earned after years of hard work are at risk, the loss can be avoided or minimized by acquiring a moving insurance policy.

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