Alzheimer's, a debilitating disease that affects 1 in 8 older adults in America, is the sixth leading cause of death and causes 5.4 million adults to suffer daily. It robs people of their ability to remember, to communicate and to concentrate on the simplest of things. The good news is that the fight against this disease has become a main concern for the medical community. Until the day arrives that a cure has been found, what can we do to prevent or prolong this from happening in our lives?

San Jose Home Care aids agree that there are several basic things that we can do now to reduce our chances of contracting Alzheimer's. These are 1). Stay mentally alert; 2). Stay at a healthy weight; 3.). Eat low-fat foods; 4). Exercise regularly. 5). Get enough sleep to feel rested; 6). Be socially active and 7). Have a purpose for living.

Staying mentally alert does not have to be hard work. Play cards, do puzzles, go on line and play challenging mind games, paint, do crafts, throw away the calculator and try doing simple math in your mind. Do something you've always wanted to do but never felt like you had the time to do. Enjoy life and laugh more. These simple practices have shown to be advantages to San Jose in Home Care clients and their families.

While most of the above activities will keep you socially engaged you might also consider walking with someone. Go shopping together. Do hobbies together. Just being connected with someone gets rid of those feelings of isolation and loneliness and gives you a new sense of belonging. If your friends and family have busy time schedules, a San Jose Alzheimer’s Care aid can step in and provide the companionship you need.

Exercise will help keep your blood flowing helping to keep at bay plaque that clogs veins. Even fifteen minutes of stretching and walking can increase blood flow that carries much needed oxygen to the brain. With routine exercise, motor skills will improve as well as memory and communication skills.

Purpose in life comes by reaching out to others. Mentoring someone, listening to a child read, doing something for someone that they can't do for themselves are examples of being purposeful. One 83-year-old lady is quoted as saying that each morning when she wakes up she asks herself how she can help someone that day. The key is to look for purpose.

Today is the day to begin battling Alzheimer's. In the end we might not be totally victorious but at least we will have fought the good fight and lessened the blows.

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Memory is very important for every human. We can all prevent or delay the lost of memory if we take the right steps. To learn more about your senior’s health and how you can help improve and maintain their memory health visit our website. The more you learn, the more you know.