How to feel good
The steps to feeling good are:
1) Awareness of how you feel. If it feels good, get more specific; but if it doesn't, then
2) Allow. Accept what is and Love what is; there is nothing wrong with anything, and nothing needs to be fixed. All is well. You are just on the journey to where you want to be.
3) Go general. Find general thoughts about where you are now that feels better.
4) As you begin to feel better, you can then get more specific. Appreciate what is good in your life; focus on what is working for you and look at the positive aspects of your life.
5) Continue to be aware of how you feel and focus on feeling better and think your way to feeling good.
Here are some additional tips that will help you be more general and feel good:
Get more sleep
Drink more water
Be alone more often
Meditate and relax
Find more things that please you
Get outdoors more often
Breathe more deeply
Walk/exercise more often
Have more fun
Make time to pursue interests you feel passionate about

Exercise: Use the ˜going general™ exercise throughout the day whenever you feel things aren't feeling the way you want them to. Become aware of your thoughts when you aren't feeling good and recognise that you are being too specific around that issue. So try and change your thoughts to more general ones such as, everything always works out for me in the end; the contrast is helping me focus on exactly what I want by showing me what I don't want; I don't have to fix everything right now etc.
Exercise: Write down as many things as you can that you appreciate in your life right now. Once you start, you will realise that this process does get easier and easier; that is the law of attraction working to bring more things that you appreciate into your awareness. Do this process whenever you want to improve your current point of attraction.
How responsible do you feel you are for your life and everything in it?

Are you willing to believe that you are 100% responsible for your life and that everything in your life has been created primarily by you, with the vibration you have been offering most of the time? (I am not suggesting you were always aware this was happening).
How does that make you feel - empowered, confused or afraid?

Do you believe in and understand the Law of Attraction and how it works? If there are any aspects of it that you do not understand, please write them down.

In what areas are you having problems with the Law of Attraction and creating what you want in your life?

What is it that you want in your life right now? Write down three things you want the universe to attract to you.

What do you believe the benefits will be from manifesting these desires and how will they make you feel?

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