How To Feel Better Instantly

January 11, 2013 Posted in: MoHow Posted by: Dr. Mo

Today’s Momentum Strategy Tip (MOST)

Are there times when you feel crumby and stuck in a negative feeling rut? If you want to quickly and powerfully turn your situation around here are three questions to ask yourself, and then answer energetically, to INSTANTLY FEEL BETTER and BOOST YOUR MOMENTUM any time you are feeling low…….

1. What are three examples of times when I accomplished something special and felt really great?

2. Who are three people that I love, and who really care about me, that I can call upon now?

3. What is great in my life that I can focus on right now?

Ask the questions, answer them with in detail and with enthusiasm, and notice how positively reminding yourself stops your own decent and begins your movement forward and upward.

Write the questions and answers in a journal, or in your MoPad, if you are a member of Maintain Momentum. Refer to them regularly so that you become more efficient at instantly feeling better, and add new answers so that your response becomes more and more efficient.

Practice this strategy. The result will be that you Think Well, Feel Better, and Achieve More.

Author's Bio: 

Hi, I’m Joel Simms, also known as Dr. Mo. Over my forty-year career, I have done many things. Prior to my 20 years developing the Human MoMentum approach, I spent 20 years in the Organizational Dynamics and Marketing Consulting fields. My work experience spans industrial products, retail and health services.

In 1991, I returned to my first love, psychology, exploring the relationship between thinking, feeling and behaviour and established an active private consulting practice. My formal training includes an undergraduate degree in Science (B.Sc.) and graduate degrees in Organizational Behaviour and Business (MBA) and Psycho-educational Psychology (Ph.D.).

I am married, the father of three adult children and the proud grandfather of a beautiful grand-daughter, Lilly.