Each dog is different and needs different nutrients and proteins from the other. His race, his age and size, his activity, and his lifestyle are factors that will directly influence when preparing a balanced diet for him. In addition, the feeding of our pet depends exclusively on us, and that – although it seems obvious – supposes a great responsibility.

We know that it is normal to be somewhat lost and disoriented at first – especially if it is your first furry -. For this reason, below, we will tell you what they are, according to Professor Walter of the National Veterinary School, the 8 basic rules to offer adequate food to your pet.

Hydration Is Essential

Hydration in dogs, in the same way as us, is very important. The average ratio of water they need is 60ml per kilo of body weight. This amount should increase in the case of a puppy, a lactating female, a very hot climate, or if you have done physical activity.

Do not forget to change the water regularly; otherwise, it is likely that bacteria that are harmful to your health will lodge.

Respect Their Food Transitions

If for any reason, you change one food for another, it is recommended that you do it little by little and progressively. Dose both products for a week and increase the dose of the new food until it is completely changed.

In this way, you will help your furry to adapt to new flavors and digest them easily. This way, your metabolism can get used to it, and rejection or digestive problems will be reduced.

Control the Quantities

If you could somehow measure and weigh the amount of food you feed your dog, it would be ideal. In such a case, the appropriate amount is calculated based on the daily energy requirement and the weight of the animal.

Controlling the amounts of food that you provide to your furry will help prevent diseases such as obesity, which causes many other health complications.

Offer a Balanced Diet

It is important that the food your little one eats contains all the nutrients in the right amounts in relation to his weight and size, his physiological state, his age, and even his health.

Choose the Right Food

Dogs have to consume a diet that contains all the necessary nutrients for their proper development. Make sure that the foods you offer your furry have proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Use Your Food Rationally

To know how to feed your dog correctly, try to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to adapt the amounts to the needs of your furry.

It is also important that you stop believing that your pet needs a diet similar to that of humans, or that you can give him leftovers of your food, since these foods do not satisfy his nutritional needs, and are also harmful to his health.

Take Care of Food Hygiene

It is also very important to guarantee the safety of food. Normally, commercial products such as feed do not have problems maintaining hygiene, as long as they are properly closed and in dry places, and protected from light.

In the case of being canned, fresh, or thawed, they can be kept cold for a short period of time. In the event that there is food leftover, whether it is dry or wet, remove the remains and clean your plate daily. In this way, you will avoid bacteria and keep your ferry’s food in good condition.

When In Doubt, Consult Your Vet

If you notice your furry feeling discouraged, with a lack of appetite, weight variations, or digestive problems, always go to a specialist. It is very common for the first symptoms of illness or weak health to appear in appetite and weight.

In the case of wanting to change the diet, you should also pay a visit to your trusted specialist. He will explain if it is convenient or not and will advise you on the best way to do it.

Having a pet at home, as we said, is a great responsibility, but it will be enough with a little knowledge and a good specialist by your side to make the process easier for you. Little by little you will see how a good diet is a key to your health, and if you follow the right advice you will notice how your furry grow healthy, strong, and happy.

Now that you know how to feed your dog correctly, it’s time to take care of him!

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