It is common to fall out of love with your wife as the number of years pass. You may not feel the same charm as you used to do when you had got married. However, there is nothing to lose heart about it. Many useful ways are there to fall in love with your wife all over again, a modest road trip is one of them. After a decade or more of your marriage, you may think that going on a vacation without kids is not such a good idea, especially when you belong to a conservative family in India. 

As they say, you need to romance with the same person every year, month, and day, to keep that flame burning in your marriage. In the modern lives, sustaining a marriage is as tough as it is easy; it is all how you perceive it. You may choose to carry the burden of marriage on your shoulders, or stay in your relationship like friends and never find it burdensome. Take time to go on a solitary road trip, only with your wife, and rediscover your love life, once more, and many times again.

Encourage her to experiment with clothes

While the Indian woman are too shy to experiment with western clothes in their conservative families, she will certainly feel romantic when you motivate her to try new kinds of apparels. If she has never worn a saree, take her to an exclusive Indian wear shop and get her one. If she has never worn a gown, a vacation is the best time to get her wear one.

Make her feel special  

Woman are, by nature, attention seekers, and you can give compliment her whenever she dresses up and does the due makeup. Don’t ever criticize her whenever she takes time to get ready. If you feel that your wife takes time to get out of the hotel, ask her to wake up half an hour earlier than you. Or else, just keep patience and do not ruin your holiday by poking your wife too much. She will indeed reciprocate your efforts, which you will see in her gestures.

Spend time to talk

When you are driving on a road trip, sitting at the beach, or eating at a restaurant, you don’t have to be doing something all the time. You can and you must take time to talk to each other. Never underestimate the importance of good communication, and keep it on priority on your vacations. Spend some time gazing into the eyes of each other. However, try not to discuss about the worries in your lives. Or even if you want to discuss the tensions, do not blame each other, and focus on finding solutions. You may not be capable of changing a few situations in your life, but solve your issues by having an optimistic approach.

Indulge in romantic gestures

Everything you see in the movies is possible in the real life. You may hire Self-Drive Cars in Delhi, and drive off to the mountains for many days, especially if you have adult kids. You and your wife can write romantic notes to each other, give a body massage, kiss before leaving, appreciate each other publically, and call her without any chores to do.

Little gestures mean a lot in the married life, especially when you are caught up in something called life. Don’t forget to appreciate the efforts of your wife and family in making you what you are, and reciprocate their efforts just by taking a vacations once in a while.

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