To kill a mockingbird essay is one of the greatest works of Harper Lee which won many awards; the major themes of the novel include good, evil, social discrimination and illiteracy. As the novel is the full of drama, romance and thrill, there is a vast a variety of essay questions for to kill a mockingbird. Teachers, therefore develop so twisted and confusing to kill a mockingbird essay questions that are very difficult for the students to handle them.

Therefore, we are here to help them out to understand and analyze to kill a mockingbird essay questions but before we proceed I would like to advice students to read the novel in the first place if they want to write a perfect to kill a mocking bird essay. So, following are some essay questions along with the ideas to handle them effectively.

On the theme of good and evil:

1- What is the connection between the two opposite forces; good and evil in the novel to kill a mocking bird?

How to evaluate?

1- Good and evil is the basic theme of the essay, you can provide a brief introduction of the both terms and how they are connected with each other with reference to the context.

2- You can also discuss the community of Maycomb that were both the worshipper of good and evil and use it for their advantage.

3- To build the credibility is another most important thing, for this you can incorporate some good and evil scenes from the novel to establish the fact that you were right in your claim.

On the theme of education:

2- How does the lack of education implicates the justice system in the novel,” to kill a mockingbird”

How to evaluate?

1- There are two object that you are going to discuss in the, to kill a mockingbird essay, first is the education and the second is poverty because poverty effects education and vice versa.

2- Provide a brief introduction to the two terms and how they have been utilized in the, to kill a mockingbird novel.

3- There were certain conflicts in the novel between education and poverty that directly affected the justice system in Maycomb. You must discuss it in detail.

On the theme of social discrimination:

3- How the social discrimination has been highlighted in the play,” To kill a mockingbird”?

How to evaluate?

1- First, tell the readers what is social discrimination all about.

2- Now, relate the theme with the novel,” to kill a mockingbird”

3- What are the causes that lead to social discrimination in the novel, describe them
with reference to the context, for example; huge gap between social classes, education and social behavior of individuals.

4- Lastly, tell the readers what were the consequences of the social discrimination in Maycomb.

In a nutshell, it is advisable that you first read the novel and understand it in order to write to kill a mockingbird essays and also focus on the essay question to get better results.

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