Religion essays can a bit difficult for the students because they have to read about their religion thoroughly and the contemporary society is quite far from the basics of religion. Religion is a vast concept; probably this is why essay questions for religion essays tend to be quite complicated and deep, furthermore, they have to provide valid evidences and proofs in the light of the religious statements that again not easy for the students.

Therefore, we decide to help those students who don’t know how to write religion essays by providing them with sample religion essay questions with the guideline on how to handle them.

1- What was the reason of GOD to create Adam and Eve?

In order to answer this question, you must read Genesis chapter number 2 in which it has been clearly stated that God wanted Adam and Eve to live in the garden of Eden forever but thing went opposing to what expected, they ate a fruit from the forbidden tree of knowledge, that forced God to punish them and eventually send them to the earth to make their lives here. This is how; the plans of God were changed due to the sin committed by Adam and Eve. This is the story behind the essay question, now it’s your duty to read the genesis chapter number 2 to get more assistance for religion essay writing.

2- How did the Vatican 2 managed to take the church back to its first country?

For this, you have to read the biblical studies of the catholic church, it is clearly mentioned there that Vatican 2, the twenty fifth ecumenical council of the catholic church helped take back the church to its first country by doing something with the Latin, you can incorporate the following points to answer your religion essay question effectively.

1- Participation from the church member was highly provoked in order to get some
better results.

2- At that time, the bishops were allotted more power and prestige.

3- What did Karl Max meant by saying, “opium of the people”?

You must first read the Karl Marx theories of enlightenment, his thinking about religion was that it is all based on flights of fantasies where powerful people enjoys the ultimate authority over those with low powers. Karl Marx also believed and suggested that religion should be replaced by empirical sciences where there would be a logical reasoning and equalities practiced among people rather than false fantasies provoked by the religious beliefs. Furthermore, you can also say that Karl Marx was a core believer of enlightenment moderation whose believes can be easily fitted in the contemporary society.

Hence, you must first read the religion essay question thoroughly, if needed read it again and again. Furthermore, you have to read the basics religious concepts as well in order to perfectly write the religion essay. Final words of advice here is that you must also read about the other religions so as to get a better understanding of the term religion.

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