by G.Thomas
Summer is here! So what are those wonderful past times we have looked forward to doing alll winter? Remember those windy icy blistering days when just leaving the house required the fortitude of an armored commando? Layer upon layer we darbed our bodies in variours cottons,wools and undergarments. Well now here we are at the sunshine and warm breezes but we know it will not last forever! So what is your fancy? Is it throwing that basdeball and knocking it out to med-field? Displaying your finesse and footwork with the Soccer ball? Perhaps enjoying the gorgeous outdoors camping,canoeing,boating,fishing and meandering about the cottage by the lake. Whatever it is NOW is the time to make this season work for you and perhaps be one to remember.

Recreation and liesure is something people just cannot do without. Even when we are busying ourselves to the utmost in what seems like work and othe necessaries, we always find at least a bit of time to enhance our life with some activity that takes our mind away, relaxes or insprires. This is a very important facter in maintaining a balanced sense of self fullfillment. It is in those recreational times that we are telling ourselves that we deserve to have some fun and pleasure. If we are found to be wanting of more of this in our lives and yet sometimes cannot seem to find the time to fit it all in then perhaps the NOW is always a good time to start? Summertime is a great time to start for you can do both indoor and outdoor activities if you are not an outdoor winter person. Here is a way to start: Start by just getting outside more often. Go for a walk and listen to the sounds around you; the birds and critters are all sounding out to YOU. Enjoy the sights you may not see in the Winter. Look at all the greenery, the trees bountiful with leaves, the colorful flowers reaching up toward the sunshine. ALL this color is for you, for your eyes your delight. Enjoy the rays of sun massaging your body and the soft breeze you may not get in Winter. Talk and mention to your friends to get out to the park and toss that ball around or throw Horseshoes and the like. Get out that rod and toss out that hook to the water fishing for that memory of having outwitted the fish. Toss a Frizbee around! Get out on that watercraft andf enjjoy that sensation of travelling around on top of the water and wavers. Crack out that surfboard and test your skills and conqurings balacing over the waves. Here is something to keep in mind as simple as it sounds. It only takes one person between or amongst friends to suggest doing an activity and you can be that one! Most people you will find welcome the idea and join with you happily. It could be planning a camping trip, a day boating on the lake,a game of baseball, football, soccer,,fishing, or simply getting for a walk,biking,or nature walk. Whatever your fancy the power to make it happen is within you to let out. Have a happy Summertime.
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