Do you know how to encourage others? Do you offer words of encouragement to others?

Encouraging someone to achieve what he or she wants is one of the best things you can do to someone, especially if that person is your partner. As you know encouraging others not only can help improve your relationship with them, but also can help them achieve something great as well.

John mentioned how he used to criticize his wife and make it hard for her whenever she wants to achieve a goal in life. He mentions that a few years ago, his wife had a goal of losing weight, however, he didn’t encourage her at all. Instead, he used to bring ice cream and sweets, so it will be hard for her to stick with her diet. He also kept on telling her that it is better to give up on trying to lose weight. If you want to win your mate for instance, then you have got to encourage your lover and avoid unconstructive criticism as I discussed in my book “How to win your lover’s heart.”

Putting others down and criticizing their goal is one of main reasons that could harm someone’s progress in life. It could also harm their self confidence if the individual is easily shaken by what others tell them and seeks people’s approval constantly. Instead of putting others down, start to encourage others to give their best.

Benefits of encouragement
Bring the best in people
Helping others achieve their goal
Increased happiness
How to encourage others
If your goal is to learn how to encourage others, follow the below steps:

1. Listen

To encourage others, you have to be able to listen first to their needs. You need to listen before you start taking action and offer simple words of encouragement. Ask the individuals what their needs are and what their super objectives are. When you listen to others carefully, then you can start to offer words of encouragements based on what they say.

2. Offer constructive feedback

If you have feedback that you wish to give to others, then do so as long as it is constructive where the other person will get encouraged to give his or her best. For example, if your partner wants to lose weight, but doesn’t exercise, you can start by informing your partner of the benefits of exercising and how she could improve her health. The more you look for ways to encourage the individual, the better it is.

Never give unconstructive feedback such as “You are weak” or “You will never have a nice body like the other women.” These kinds of statements are discouraging and could have a lasting negative impact on the person.

3. Practice unconditional love

As I mentioned in my previous article “What is unconditional love?” that practicing the art of unconditional love is one of the main keys not only to win your partner, but also to winning people’s hearts. The more you offer unconditional love to others, the more they will get encouraged to go after their goals and start feeling worthy.

4. Offer daily words of encouragement

When you offer daily words of encouragement, you are helping the other person to go after his goal and persist. As you know words are energy, the more you use uplifting and positive words, the more the other individual gets encouraged.

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