You want your business to be an open, friendly one, but maybe things are getting a little too lax when it comes to your employees. Maybe they need to be reminded that they're at work and not a social event. If you need to re-establish a sense of productivity and professionalism, here are just a few ways to raise the standards of conduct around your office.

Enforce a Dress Code

If you're in the retail business, your employees are probably already in uniform. If you work in a corporate building, however, it might not have occurred to you to establish a dress code. An office full of tidy, well-groomed individuals in dress shirts and ironed slacks will do wonders in creating a professional atmosphere. For best results, phase in these changes slowly and give your employees time to build a new wardrobe.

Clean Out the Cobwebs

A lack of discipline in one area can often seep into others, so if your employees aren't reprimanded for making messes and leaving things untidy, now is the time for change. Start with a thorough deep-cleaning of your entire building. If you need a little help banishing all of the dust bunnies, a commercial cleaning crew, like Comclean Australia, can be hired to buff your floors, wash your walls and shine your windows.

Display Signs of Prestige and Accomplishment

Not only will this look impressive to your guests, but it will also be motivating for your employees. If they can look up and see that other staffers have been honored with ribbons, awards, magazine clip-outs, framed photographs and certificates of excellence, they'll want their day in the limelight as well. This can encourage them to work harder and stay industrious during their shifts even if they were previously a slacker.

Redesign Your Floor Plan

Depending on the nature of your business, you might be working out of anything from rented office space to a series of retail break rooms. Regardless of your environment, however, it's important to have a good floor plan. You'll want some kind of open, front-facing area for greeting clients, and the work space of your employees should be geometrically arranged and not just thrown together. Avoid cubicles if you can. You can replace them with shared co-working spaces.

Professionalism is the cornerstone of any business. If your employees need to rise to the standards of your brand, use these tips to help you communicate your expectations and improve the general standards of your office.

Author's Bio: 

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.