As we approach a new year (and a new decade) this is a great time to reflect, reassess and consider. As part of this, you will understand where you are right now. The next step is to think about whether this is where you want to be, and if not, what changes you need to make.

All of this essentially constitutes self-development, which is all about where you want to go in life, and who you want to be as a person. This really comes down to mindset, and how focusing your mindset can help you reach your goals, live the life you dream of and be happier. This can seem quite overwhelming, but embarking on a self-development journey is far from impossible.

Here are some tips on getting started on your own self-development journey in 2020.

Step 1: Reflection

Moving forward on your self-development journey starts by knowing where you are right now. This means taking a critical and honest self-audit of how you feel, and how things are in your life as it stands. Start by looking inward and considering your current mental and physical state. Ask yourself how happy are you with everything in your life, the things you are grateful for and the things you want to change. Also, take a scan of your physical body: is it energized or tired?

Next, turn your gaze outward. Think about the people in your life: how are your relationships with your family and friends? Are you happy with your romantic relationship, or are you looking for one, or are you content on your own. Are you content in your job or do you want a change?

Finally, think about what you would wish for it there were no limitations: what changes would you make in your life and in yourself. This exercise can be a challenging one, so make sure to set the proper time aside and get yourself in a reflective mindset by meditating or pouring yourself a relaxing bath. As a final step, write down your thought: this makes your wishes real and encourages you to pursue them.

Step 2: Prepare

Like anything important, it is critical to set yourself up for greatness by preparing your self-development journey before launching in feet first. Start by picking one of the areas you discovered in your reflections: this could by body, mind, work, love, career, confidence, or something else. Next, delve into that field: research the thought leaders in the area and read their blogs or the books, listen to their podcasts and watch their videos. Look for local events related to your self-development area of choice, and see if there are in-person or online courses you could take.

Depending on your own learning style, you may prefer to do this preparation on your own, or with others in a group or with a friend. It’s important here to remember that you don’t need to do all this alone – you can reach out to family, friends or a professional to help you prepare for your self-development journey. Services like Andinspireme help team members to unlock their potential through self-development.

Just because it is a self-development journey doesn’t mean you need to do it all by yourself! Also, remember that this is a very individual process, so look for the thoughts, concepts, and ideas which resonate with you. Just because someone is an expert doesn’t mean you have to follow everything they say if it doesn’t suit your modus operandi. Keep looking for the experts and thought leaders who really click and open up new worlds for you.

Step 3: Take Action

Now you have reflected on where you are and where you want to be, and you have done your research to know the best way to get there, there is only one thing left to do: get started by taking action! This can be a very daunting and intimidating process, and this part – taking the first step, is where most people fail in their self-development journey. It is very easy to get stuck in step 2: planning, researching, and so on, without ever taking the necessary step to progress your self-development.

The important thing to remember here is that you only need to take one step at first. The first step is the hardest, but it is also only one step. When faced with a big journey – whether literal or figurative – thinking about the whole thing and how far you have to go is overwhelming. Instead, think about just the first step and focus on doing this.

So, all there is to do is to take one step. This may be one yoga class, one job application, one first date. Then, once you have taken that first step, you can take the next, and the next. Thing best part is, once you’ve taken the first step, the others are not nearly so difficult.

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