How To Eliminate Sloppy Mistakes From Your Guitar Technique And Sound Great Every Time You Play Your Guitar

By Tom Hess

You’ve probably experienced days when your guitar playing felt effortless and sounded great… This probably made you feel motivated and excited to get better.

You’ve likely also experienced days where nothing could go right in your playing and you constantly made mistakes. Does this all sound very familiar?

Good news is, everyone who plays guitar goes through this same experienced. This includes the very best guitar players in the world.

Wouldn’t it be great to make every day a good guitar playing day?

No doubt it would be… and making this a reality is quite easy actually.

Getting rid of sloppy mistakes that make your playing sound bad requires improving your practice approach. This is the best way to become a better guitarist in less time, and isn’t dependent on being able to practice many hours every day.

Here is an easy-to-apply solution to a very common struggle many guitarists face (using a picking technique that contains too much excess motion). The following video helps you get rid of this problem fast:

The following are five additional practicing tips that help you play guitar great, even when you aren’t feeling like you’re at your very best:

Guitar Practice Tip #1: Make Your Guitar Technique Very Efficient, So Your Playing Is Accurate And Consistent. Here Is How It’s Done:

When you play with efficient guitar technique, you don't move your hands any more than is necessary to play the notes. This makes playing fast feel much easier by getting rid of frustrating mistakes that lead to sloppy noise.

These are just a few basic approaches for developing better guitar technique efficiency:

*Don’t move the pick away from the strings while playing (unless you are playing with string skipping technique).

*Fret notes by using your fingertips.

*Use a heavy guitar pick. Your pick needs to not bend whenever you strike the string.

*Keep your fretting hand thumb on the lower part behind the neck while playing scales and/or arpeggios. This makes it easier to play cleanly because you are able to stretch to play notes without straining your wrist.

(Want to make your fretting hand technique so efficient that everything you play feels easy? Download this online resource to find out how to master fret hand finger independence and make your guitar playing feel effortless.)

Guitar Practice Tip #2: Remove Unneeded Tension From Your Body That Leads To Sloppy Mistakes. Here Is How It’s Done:

Relax your hands as long as you can while playing – This makes it less difficult to play with your hands in perfect sync and avoiding making mistakes.

Guitar Practice Tip #3: Consistently Work On Performing On Guitar In Front Of Other People, To Overcome Nervousness & Play Without Mistakes When It Matters Most. Here Is How It’s Done:

It’s much easier to play guitar without making mistakes at home in your room than it is to do it while performing in front of other people. Here are several ways to make less mistakes while playing in live situations:

Simulate real-life music performing conditions while practicing guitar.

Here are some examples of how to do this:

*Stand up to practice rather than always sitting down.

*Practice guitar while playing very close to your amp.

*Practice guitar far away from your amp by playing in a different room.

*Practice guitar while moving around and performing (making gestures as if you were playing on stage).

Most importantly, perform guitar for other people every chance you get.

Guitar Practice Tip #4: Combine Guitar Techniques Together To Make It Feel Effortless To Play Challenging Guitar Licks. Here Is How It’s Done

What is one aspect of guitar playing that so many guitarists wish they could master but never actually work on? Combining all their musical skills together. Combining skills refers to being able to easily use your skills together in a musical way that sounds, smooth, natural and effortless.

Mastering this makes your guitar playing mistakes disappear.

Guitar Practice Tip #5: Develop Better Guitar Technique Than You Think You Need. Here Is Why This Helps You & How To Do It:

Think about what your biggest musical goals are revolving around guitar technique. Do you want to play particular songs, riffs or solos? Increase your top playing speed by 25 beats per minute? Whatever your goals are, focus on improving your technique so that it is a level or two above your goal(s). For instance: if you want to play a song at 115 beats per minute, work on mastering that song at 135 beats per minute.

When you improve your technique in this manner, it’s easier to play without making mistakes because you are never too close to your limit. This makes it more fun to play guitar because you are able to stop worrying about making mistakes.

Now that you have learned many ways to eliminate mistakes from your guitar playing, are you ready to discover a much more simple guitar practice method that combines this info together to make your playing more clean and accurate? Download this free eGuide to learn how to master fret hand finger independence and start playing guitar more consistently.

Author's Bio: 

Tom Hess is a successful professional guitar player, composer and international guitar teacher. He also helps musicians learn guitar online and reach their guitar playing goals. Visit his rock and metal guitar lessons site to read more articles about guitar playing, plus get free guitar tips and guitar playing resources.