First of all, we should recognize the benefits that carpets and rugs provide for us in our homes. A carpet or rug inside your room will make you feel warm and cozy. We all love to enjoy walking barefoot across a deep pile carpet. Of course, this will be a pleasant experience but only if the carpet is clean.

You should invest in good cleaning devices such as vacuum backpack cleaner. The other benefit of a carpet or rug is that it acts as a natural air filter in the house. The carpet will trap airborne particles and hold them until you vacuum them out.

This has proven to be a clean and healthy element for any home. Again this will only be the case if you regularly clean your carpets and rugs.

1. Follow A Strict Routine

If you want to keep your carpets and rugs clean then you should follow a strict routine of vacuuming. Cleaning all the carpets with a backpack vacuum cleaner with a Hepa filter should be done at least once a week. For your heavy traffic areas, it would be helpful to vacuum these daily.

This, of course, would depend on how many people live in the house and how heavy the traffic is. For your deep pile carpet, it would be advisable to have a carpet rake to lift the pile and prevent matting. The most important factor in keeping your carpets clean and looking like they did when they were new is starting with a good foundation.

This means making sure that you start with a high-quality underlay. This can mean the difference of having carpets that hold their look for many years or having to replace the carpets long before they would need to be.

2. Immediately Clean Spills

The other area that can be a problem with keeping your carpets clean is when you have a spill. The key is to not only getting the spill or stain out of the carpet or rug but you must also make sure you get the cleaning agent out of the carpet as well. Most cleaning agents are made with a soapy substance that if allowed to dry in the carpet will act as a magnet for dirt.

Once you have been able to remove the stain or spill it is vital that you clean the area thoroughly with clean warm water. You can do this with a clean cloth and then soak it up with a clean towel. Finally, run the backpack vacuum cleaner. Once you have done this the carpet or rug should be able to air dry and not cause you any trouble.

3. Take Help of Carpet Cleaners

Consistent cleaning makes your carpet look good always. Some people do all the work themselves while others choose to hire carpet and rug cleaners to do the job for them. It is a good idea to hire a carpet cleaner to get optimum results.

Carpet cleaners are everywhere but you have to know what you have to look for in a reliable cleaner for your carpet. If you have a pet in your house then you have to make sure you do routine cleaning with the best backpack vacuum for pet hair and will also be able to remove all the stains and spills.

4. Take Your Shoes Off

If people walk on the carpets with their shoes on you will frequently find dark path areas start to form on the carpet. The buildup of sand and grit combined with the friction of your shoes grinding the fibers of your carpet will cause these areas to get worn thin.

Leaving these areas filthy too long will mean that eventually, carpet cleaning will not help the carpets look cleaner. The very simple solution is to take your shoes off at the door and this will help to keep the carpet cleaner.

5. Take Help of Small Throw Rugs

One easy solution to keep the carpet cleaner is to put small throw rugs or runners in high traffic areas of your home. These throw rugs will serve two purposes; they will decorate your carpets and at the same time they will help to maintain cleaner carpets.

It is very easy to wash these small rugs in a machine or replace them instead of replacing wall to wall carpet. It is very difficult to stop the foot traffic and dirt is always going to come into your home but these throw rugs will help to prolong the beauty of your wall to wall carpet.

6. Stop Eating In Carpet Area

Eating food on the carpeted areas is a sure way to cause marks on the carpet. In some cases with the layout of your home, it is very difficult to prevent this. Spreading a bed sheet or any type of covering for the carpet is a great way to protect your carpeting from spots and spills.

This may seem inconvenient but it is the only way to prevent spots and spills on your carpeting and these stains in many cases become permanent. In most homes, the dining room carpets develop many permanent stains that carpet cleaning solutions can't remove.

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