Garlic is used for every meal! People like Garlic paste, Powder and Garlic without peels! People at home and wage and non-veggies eat food, if you have more garlic then you can use it in these mines too.

Homemade salsa

Salsa I can add abundant garlic and can be used!
Lacto-fermented (Lacto-fermented)

In today's time, if milk is more used then you can take

Butter Toast

Breed tastes and then put butter, on this; you can put garlic powder, which makes it more delicious!

Cold pasta

You can put garlic paste or powder before eating pasta

Garlic-honey-lemon tea

The name of tea with ginger will be heard as well, by adding garlic, make tea!

Hot sauce

Inhale can also put garlic powder! Can be eaten by cooking in a fire or coal

It is a very old way to eat garlic, according to Ayurveda it is very beneficial!

Garlic with mustard oil

Yes, it is very beneficial; you can put it on your body! Cold and pain relief!

Garlic pickle

In India, garlic is also used in ethics and it uses it for a long time!

We should use garlic in cold weather so that we can escape the cold weather! Also, adopt the way to eat your home garlic

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