During the past few years, technology has evolved in many ways possible and probably has offered some of the inventions which make the living easier and more comfortable. Computer, telephone, internet and electronic mail, television, cell phone are some of the technology which makes it easier for an individual to store their data, manage their business and personal life easily while providing with a platform to easily connect with.

The consistent innovation has led to high competitions but still the brand like Apple continues to top the list by serving its potential buyers with the best and quality experience. The iPad by Apple is considered as an awesome device which allows the owner to save various data’s including the business documents, pictures, audios along with some other files. Being such an important device its security and privacy are often considered as a great concern for the owner. iPad is locked via screen lock by default but users use their own passcode for increased security. The passcode is considered as one of the oldest and most widely used security measures which are being used to keep the device as well as data protected from unwanted access.

However, the passcode can be a problem when an individual forgets it. People often forget their passcode and with multiple attempts to get through it with wrong passcode, specifically six times in a row, on might be locked out and a message saying your device is disabled flash on the screen. People often panic out in such a situation and find them stuck in a hopeless situation. Here are some of the methods which can help one easily solve the problem of how to reset iPhone passcode?

a. If one has previously synchronized their iOS device with iTunes, this method could be helped

Connect your iOS device with the computer it has been synchronized with using the USB cable and launch the iTunes on your PC. After getting connected, select the device icon which is being used and go to the summary tab. Click on the Restore iPad option to start the reset process. Meanwhile one can also restore some of the important documents without even unlocking the phone. Select the most relevant backup before resetting the device.

b. Factory reset iPad without iCloud password

In order to use this method to reset the iPad one must have enabled "Find My iPhone/iPad" otherwise one won’t be able to use the solution. Visit the iCloud.com and sign in to your iCloud account. Onwards go to Find My iPhone/iPad and click on All Devices, it will then display a list of all the devices with the same iCloud ID. Find and select the iPad and click on Erase iPad option provided. It will erase your iPad using iCloud.

c. Reset iPad from recovery

It is being stated that all iOS related problems can be fixed by restoring it through the Recovery Mode. To start the process one needs to press the power button of the device until the slider screen appears and then slide to right in order to power off the device. Afterward, one need to press and hold iPad button and then connect it to the computer via the USB wore. The Apple logo which will turn into a recovery logo then opens iTunes on the computer. A message is being flashed on the screen confirming that the device is in recovery mode. One can then click restore option in order to restore the device with the old backup file.

Implementing the provided methods with precision can help an iOS device user reset the device easily even when they have forgotten the password.

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