Starting a new job can be nerve-wracking and if it’s a first job, it might take a few weeks for you to adjust into the new environment and people. Moving out from a protective comfortable environment of your teachers training program classroom can be quite a task however it always had to happen.

An anxiety attack is a natural phenomenon however you need to understand and accept that it can happen to anyone so you are not an exception. In order to understand your class, you need to grip yourself first. Hence here are few suggestions for teachers to ease out their anxiety during the first few days of school.

Keep a check on your anxiety
The best solution to any problem is to be aware of the problem, hence be aware of your anxiety or nervousness and don’t avoid the situation. Try to divert your mind rather than thinking about the situation, listen to some music on your way or read a book. Keep telling yourself that you will do great in your first class; this is the best way to boost your moral and gain confidence.

Practice your lessons
Stand in front of the mirror and practice your lessons. This will enhance not only your confidence in the subject but will polish your presentation skills as well. Your knowledge and confidence about the subject will surely help you get rid of the anxiety caused by unexpected questions and queries from the students.

Organize yourself
Prepare yourself for the big day beforehand. List all the necessary things that you might need and start organizing them a few days before. Do not wait for the last day as you might miss out on something important. Also reach the class a little early to get use to the classroom environment. Organize the teacher’s desk as per your comfort and walk around the classroom to get acquainted. Plan the week activities in advance to be more confident and organized.

Dress up smartly
Clothes define your personality not only to others but to your own self. A person feels more confident when he/she is dress nicely. Dress appropriately, comfort should be the priority. Also do not wear flashy clothes as it distracts students.

Get familiar
Your students are your comfort zone and to enter the comfort zone, it’s important to know each other. Hence introduce yourself and let your students do the same. It is a positive approach towards maintaining a healthy relationship.

Seek Help
If the situation is alarming, seek help from your seniors. Sometimes the best of advises and help come from your colleagues. Don’t take it as your incompetence; this can happen with any new person.

The relationship between a student and teacher is developed in the first few days itself. Thus it’s necessary to know the expectations of each child and lay down your expectations in front of them. Don’t be harsh or rude; being assertive is a key to good teaching practices.

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