There are many misconceptions about Pinterest. Some are so ridiculous that you may start doubting people's general knowledge of the online world.
For example, many new users believe that Pinterest is nothing other than a Social Network. While there is such an aspect, Pinterest is much more than that.
Pinterest is a search engine where content travels from one user to another through images called pins. The visual aspect of the platform is what tricks thousands of people into believing that it's a network.
With that said, Pinterest has one very alluring aspect not many people know about:
The platform allows its users to earn money directly on it.
Yes, anyone can start earning an income on Pinterest as soon as today. And the best part about that is that there is no need to create a blog.
How is that possible?
Well, it is - and you can take advantage of the possibility as well.
As long as you know the process you'll need to go through, you can start your earning journey on Pinterest immediately.
Here is what that process looks like:
Basically, there are a few steps you need to complete in the exact order you'll see below:
1) Create A Pinterest Account - if your primary goal on Pinterest is to make money, it's better to start from scratch. Meaning, don't use a previously existing account. Instead, register a new one, and make sure that it's a business account and not a personal one.
2) Optimize Your Account - here is where the Pinterest SEO will come into play. If you want your pins to gain traction, they need to be optimized according to the best Pinterest SEO practices. Remember, Pinterest is a search engine. As such, there is no way to avoid doing some basic SEO.
3) Create Pinterest Boards - you can't pin a pin unless that pin has a place to go to. Such places will be your boards. Depending on what niche you're fond of, the names of your boards will vary. Make sure they contain keywords you're planning to target.
4) Join Affiliate Programs - you may not have to become a blogger, but you'll need to be an affiliate marketer. Using affiliate marketing is how you'll make money on Pinterest without a blog. So, join affiliate programs of products and services you're going to promote.
5) Create Your First Affiliate Pin - there is an art to that, and you'll master it in time. For now, do the best that you can to create a visually stimulating pin. Plus, don't forget to disclose the fact that your pin is an affiliate one.
6) Upload Your Affiliate Pin To Pinterest - the process is quite simple, and you'll be able to complete it in less than a minute.
In a nutshell, that's how you'll start earning money by doing affiliate marketing on Pinterest.
When a person clicks on your pin and completes a purchase through your affiliate link, you'll make a commission.
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