How to Earn Money Online and Offline

Money is earned by creating value and trading products or services of value. Every time you want to earn money, there's an exchange of goods or services that are equal or more in value to the money you want to receive.

Desire: Desire is the starting point of all riches - Napoleon Hill.
Everything starts with a desire. You need creativity, persistence and hard work to fulfill that desire. Your own organized efforts will take you to meeting the goals.

Trading time for money:
Most of us in the job world trade time for money everyday. We have certain skills and abilities that our employer needs. We carry out our job functions which costs us of our time, thinking and efforts. In exchange we get paid. With a job we also get a social status, friends and acquaintances at work. Major limitation is that you can trade only up to 8 to 10 hours per day. The demand for your skill sets in the marketplace and your negotiating abilities determine how much you get paid. Do you think you always get paid what you are worth? Or do you get paid equal (or less or more) to the value your work brings to your employer?

At the job, we also think of getting a raise, promotions and climbing the corporate ladder. But it takes a long time and robs us of the important and valuable time of our life.

Other ways of trading time for money is to offering the services, which are similar in nature to having a job.

Trading money for money:
This involves trading stocks, commodities or goods. You take calculated risks; you leverage the risk and profit potential. When you are right you make money. When you are wrong, be willing to lose with minimal risk.

Another way to make money is by creating value. You invent and produce products or services that people want to use. Then you find a way to sell those products. Your earning ability is only limited by the products you can produce and market.

Owning your own businesses:
You can start you own business like - neighborhood window cleaning service, owning your own restaurant, owning a carwash, etc. The possibilities are endless. Your limitations are the capital and setting up and running the business. Other overheads include finding and retaining the right people.

Finding value and trading it for a profit:
When you can't create your own products, you find valuable products and you can market to others who may need it, at a profit. The creator of the products benefits because he doesn’t have to invest his time and money in selling it.

Earning money from the advertising services:
This market is dominated by TV networks, radio, news papers and big media corporations that have a huge presence online and offline. Media is a medium that connects one another, at least from the information point of view. It broadcasts news and other information. Before all the modern news media came into the world, information was spread by word of mouth, postal mails, people gatherings at common places, etc. Today, the media has grown into an important part of our lives. Since it has great role in communicating the existence and value of products, which facilitate the exchange of products and money, the advertising and promotion is a very lucrative and competitive business.

Nature of the online business:
The basics of earning money don’t change in the internet world. You either create or trade. One important aspect of online business is that it is easy to setup and manage. It carries low overheads as you don’t have to carry brick and mortar, and gives the location flexibility. Major challenge in online business is competition and getting the word out. Your competition is just a click away.

With the low cost and ease of online business, there also comes a challenge of scams. We question often- is it real? Because we can't actually see it like in the offline world. So building trust and rapport takes a long time and there is lot of distractions. The golden rule must be followed-
"Do unto others as you would like them do unto you"
The question to ask yourself is - would you buy from yourself? If you are looking for the same product or service, what would you expect from the seller? etc.

Nobody likes to be taken advantage of. You must offer something of value. If people genuinely work at it, there's no doubt of their success.

If you want to start an online business, you must take time to study it. So, how easily you can get access to the source of information is an important factor. Is the seller available in person or via phone or email? Is he or she answering your questions honestly?

Be willing to take calculated risks. Nothing happens if you don’t try. Succeeding at any true business (online or offline) is like a marathon. Consistency and persistency are the keys. Take some simple steps on a consistent basis. The harder you work, luckier you get. To earn money online or offline, daily action matters. Stuart Goldsmith, one of the self made millionaires, notes in "In Seven Secrets of the Millionaires" - Everything you are and have today is the exact summation of countless thousands of little choices and decisions you made from the day you were first consciously able to make such choices. And stating it simply, those choices were mainly between action and inaction. Or putting it another way, between action and laziness. I'm not talking big, life-changing decisions here. I'm talking about tens of thousands of day by day, minute by minute choices like "shall I get up or lie in bed for another half hour?" "Should I read another chapter of that textbook or go for a beer instead?" "Should I try a little harder to get this job right, or just turn it out in a sloppy fashion?"

Be, Do, Have:
Be the person you want to be, do the action with that mindset and then you will have what you want. Imagination triumphs over the will.

"Money is plentiful for those who understand the simple laws which govern its acquisition." - George Clason

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