This article will focus on ways for a videographer to earn like offering your services to small companies, selling footage, becoming a Udemy Instructor and teaching other people how to capture the most breathtaking videos, entering contests, etc. 

We now live in an age where artists get paid. Done are the days when they are paid with “exposure.” If you are a videographer who is still giving out your services for free then you should definitely start fixing your rates. The cost of living is steadily increasing and it would be foolish for you not to earn from an activity that you’ve invested hundreds of hours practising, being resourceful by using online courses to learn from and learning from classes that you’ve paid for. Aside from that, the camera equipment necessary to capture great footage is also not cheap.

While I understand that the main reason why you became a videographer is because of your passion, your bank account would like to remind you that there are a lot of expenses that you have to pay for. Working for art’s sake just isn’t good enough You need to pay your bills and have the money to buy groceries for your survival. Unless you are a trust fund baby that can afford to live without a job, you need to know how to earn from your passion. Transforming your passion into a profitable and decent profession is something that most artists would want to know. 

Here are some ways on how to earn as a Videographer.

Offer Videography Services To Small Companies

We now live in a world where everything is now digital. Even the smallest of companies now have an online platform, either a Website or at least a Social Media Page. These platforms would need beautiful images and videos to showcase their products and services. This is where you come in. By offering your services to these companies, you can easily earn a humble paycheck. 

Talk to business owners and enthral them with the positive benefits of hiring a professional videographer to take their promotional videos. Having a creative and high-quality portfolio would help you convince the business owners that your services will definitely create a positive impact on their businesses. When you make your pitch, bring some statistics with you to help you with the persuasion.

Teach An Online Course On Videography

Make your own video studio and create a videography course! This is an alternative way of earning through Videography, is to create an online course where you impart your knowledge, expertise and nuanced information that was garnered by years in the field. Videography is a complicated art that not everyone has knowledge of. Contrary to popular belief, it is not as easy as clicking a button and shooting what’s happening.

Creating an online course and then uploading them on an online learning platform like Udemy will allow you to earn passive income. As long as you have students, you get to earn some cash. Explaining the basics of your passion will allow you to share your knowledge while also providing you with an opportunity to increase the number of photographers and videographers in the world.

Do Wedding Films

A Wedding is one of the most important days in the lives of a couple. It is pretty much guaranteed that soon-to-be weds would pay a high amount of money just to have breathtaking footage of their wedding.

Many wedding filmmakers will get most of their business from referrals. This means that you should really put all of your efforts into creating high-quality videos that would make your clients want to refer you to their family and friends.

You should also start to buildup a portfolio so you can show it to your potential clients. Create a social media page that would allow you to showcase snippets of your work. If they see that your videos are great, they would most likely give you more business. Drop flyers at wedding dress boutiques and other wedding shops so grooms and brides can chance upon you.

Look for Vloggers

Video Content Creation is now one of the biggest industries in the market. Vloggers or video bloggers would need videographers to help them with their video content. Vloggers also pay handsomely per video project that you do. You will most likely get exposure as Vloggers have a lot of audience reach. This will also boost your portfolio.

Enter Film Contests

There are a lot of film contests that you can join. As prizes to these competitions, you can win cash, equipment, a trip somewhere, etc. Of course, it goes without saying that before you enter a contest, you should guarantee that your films are perfect. The results for every contest will also vary. Winning will give you and your art some well-needed exposure. However, unless you are an insanely good videographer already (or you bribed the judges), winning is not guaranteed. This is why you should not rely on contests as your main bread and butter. Instead, you should look at this as golden opportunities for you to showcase your skills.

Get started!

As you can see there are plenty of opportunities to making money by being a videographer. So if you’re new and want to jump into the world of videography you can obtain an online course by using Udemy Coupons.

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