Everybody is equipped with a smartphone nowadays and it’s hard to imagine a world without smartphone. According to ComboApp, about 90 percent of the time the average US adult spend per day on a smartphone refers to using mobile applications. The irony is that smartphone has penetrated to such an extent in the day to day life of people that a single day without smartphone is unimaginable. The average time individuals spend on their phone is into hours. There are hundreds of thousands of mobile applications available on the mobile stores which people use for different purposes. Some apps are banking related, some are for fun and entertainment, some are education related while some are for kids. Out of the so many apps available there are very few which let the user earn great cashback.

These cashback apps are a great way for people to earn on the go. Some of the best cashback app pays its users for participating in certain activities. The reward is not usually very high but is significant enough to earn a nice side income without making much effort. Today we will provide you information about how to earn with your smartphone. So let’s look at some of the mobile apps which let the users earn cashback and rewards.

Cash4SMS: You don’t have to sell anything or refer anyone. Cash4SMS lets you sell your unused SMS of your mobile plan and earn money. Just install the app, create profile and set the number of SMS you want to sell and earn money.

Pei: This app is similar to other cashback app but with a twist. You add your card and spend on popular and favorite spots an earn cashback. The twist is that the user can choose whether he wants to get the cashback in cash or Bitcoin.

Ibotta: This app let the user earn great discount on products offered by major retailers like Walmart and Amazon. The user can securely pay for the product and avail great discount at hand.

Rakuten: If you love shopping more than anything then this app is for you. Rakuten let the user grab cashback of up to 40% at 2,500 stores. Not to forget the $10 bonus on sign-up. The user can decide whether he wants to receive the cashback via check or Paypal Payment.

Drop: This is a loyalty backed app that let the user earn great cashback when they shop from major brands. The user purchasing behavior is tracked and the cashback is rewarded in reward points. After accumulation of enough reward points the user can redeem them either by cash or on sites like Amazon, Netflix or Starbucks.

Dosh: If you travel a lot and want to save on your hotel stay then Dosh app is for you. The user can avail discount of up to 40% on hotel stays. Beside this the user also gets the privilege of 10% cashbacks on thousands of stores and restaurants. If the user refers the app then he gets $5 cashback.

Bumped: Shopping for your favorite brand and simultaneously earning a stock share of a major company is hard to believe. But with Bumped app you can easily become an investor by shopping for your favorite brands.

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