Blogging has come a long way since past couple of decades. Social media platforms and microblogging has changed the face of blogging. With platforms like WordPress endeavoring to make blogging easy and efficient, there are millions of blogs online today. On WordPress alone, 74.7 million new posts and 57.3 million new comments are generated every month. This means more competition for the existing bloggers. In today’s article, we will offer some tips to help you drive more traffic to your WordPress blog.

1.Increase the speed of your blog

Check the speed of your blog. If it is taking more than 2 or 3 seconds to load, then you will have high abandon rates and poor search engine result ranking. This would mean lesser traffic. Take steps to optimize your WordPress blog for speed.

A good way of doing this is by opting for WordPress Hosting services for your blog. Most providers integrate CDN and caching servers to boost the speed of your blog by up to 1000%!

2.Blog regularly

Depending on the topics that you blog about, determine a frequency for new blog posts. It can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or any other frequency. Once you have made this determination, ensure that you never miss the deadline. You can also schedule your posts in advance. Regular blogging will keep your viewers engaged and coming back for newer posts.

3.Create Quality Content

Even if your blog has blazing fast speed and you never miss a deadline, if the quality of the content created by you is not worth people’s time and/or attention, then you will not be able to drive traffic to your blog. Be creative, informative, and above all original. Nothing puts off a viewer more than plagiarized content. Use images, infographics, and/or videos to make a visual impact too.

4.The Power of Internal Linking

Internal linking is a powerful method for encouraging visitors to explore other articles/posts and spending more time on your blog. The longer time a user spends on your website, the better the page rank in search engine results, and higher the traffic. You can add ‘Featured Posts’ on your blog to promote an existing post with maximum views and/or comments. Another option is adding ‘Related Posts’ towards the end of the current post.

5.Enhance the user experience (UX) of your blog

Here are some tips:
● Create a page navigation hierarchy which will help visitors know their location on their blog at any time.
● Ensure that there are no dead links on your blog.
● Test your blog regularly for any errors or mistakes (technical/creative).
● Create a hassle-free navigation for your blog
● Categorize smartly – nobody appreciates a creative mess.
● Ensure that your blog has a responsive design.

6.Respond to comments regularly

Loyalty begets loyalty. If you want your readers to visit your blog regularly, then ensure that you interact with them on a regular basis too. If there is a comment which needs your acknowledgment or response, then ensure that you reply before publishing your next post. The best way to manage this is to dedicate a day to respond to comments and reader emails (if any). People like responsive bloggers – be the one they like and they will recommend your blog to their friends too.
While I could go on and on about things that you can do to drive more traffic to your blog. I hope that these tips help. Do share your comments below.

Author's Bio: 

Rasel Khan is an internet entrepreneur