Have you finally said “yes” and are looking forward to an unforgettable wedding? Now is the time to start researching all those details that will make this big day really special. Since it is the bride who usually takes care of planning the main lines of the wedding, you will have the opportunity to focus on yourself so as to make your presence on the altar truly impeccable.


Before you begin: things to consider

How long before should I choose the wedding suit?

If you are wondering when to start thinking about the wedding suit, know that the planning process should start 3 months before the wedding date, keeping in mind that it will take you a bit of time to research this. , that you might not be sure what to wear, or that you might need a style advisor.

In addition, the general organization must also take into account the time of making the costume and any alterations, unless you opt for a rental.

If you intend to acquire a suit or tuxedo during a busy time or during weddings, keep in mind that you might not get a date on the desired date. Try to get organized on time.

Rent or buy? At what price?

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Each spouse stumbles on this question as soon as the selection process starts, don't worry; we are here to make the decision easier for you. The option of renting a groom's suit or a tuxedo for a wedding is only advisable when you have a tight budget around € 250/300.

If, on the other hand, you intend to rent a famous branded suit or tuxedo, remember that after making a substantial deposit you will not be able to wear it after the wedding.

If your budget is around € 500 and you want a truly special “authenticity” stamped suit, there is nothing better than a tailor-made suit made for you in Italy.

Wedding day usually only happens once in a lifetime; why not make it as special as possible? If you've always dreamed of a bespoke suit, if you know you'll use it again in the future, a bespoke groom suit is by far the best bet.

How to reuse a groom's suit

If you don't think, unlike your bride, that you will wear this outfit only on the wedding day and after that it will end up in a cover forever, the following tips will come in handy. When choosing, look for colors that are also suitable for other formal events: midnight blue or charcoal gray tones will be perfect for a job interview, a cocktail party, a special dinner, professional events, ceremonies or professional meetings.

Choose a wool fabric, with a weight not exceeding 270 grams / m, so as to have a suit that you can wear during all four seasons, and personalize the jacket with two rear slits instead of one, choice more comfortable when it comes to reusing it as a work suit.

As you consider these options, remember that if you want to get married in a tuxedo you can only reuse it on really special occasions.

What are the rules and basic etiquette of a groom's suit?

The three-piece suit is one of the more traditional choices for the groom's wedding dress.

The formality of the ceremony, the season, and the place: all the information about the wedding helps to understand how and what color should be the groom's suit.

Are you wondering about the number of possible dress codes? Endless, but the most classic are four in number: the jacket, the demy-tight, the tuxedo or the three-piece suit. Let's see together some basic rules on when and how to wear them according to the protocol rules
The jacket consists of a black or charcoal gray wool jacket with long basques at the back, dark gray striped trousers, a straight waistcoat with five buttons or double breasted with shawl lapels.

The demy-tight is not that different from the jacket set in terms of fabrics and combinations, on the other hand the jacket comes without a tail, which becomes short, rounded at the front and straight at the back.

The tuxedo is an obligatory choice for those who have planned a formal but non-traditional wedding, with a ceremony around 6 p.m. A classic tuxedo with a cummerbund belt and shawl or peak lapel is always accompanied by a silk bow tie. If you want more details, we invite you to read our guide dedicated to tuxedo.

The last option, on the other hand, is the one most appreciated by spouses who love contemporary style, halfway between elegance and tradition: the three-piece suit, consisting of a jacket and pants in the same fabric and a matching waistcoat. on tone or mismatched.
Remember that the choice of your groom's suit could also influence the choice of the best man's suit, as we pointed out in our guide dedicated to the groom's best man suit.

Choosing the groom's suit

Obviously your style and personal taste are very important when it comes to buying a suit, but in choosing the right suit for your wedding it may be helpful if you take the following factors into consideration.

Choose the costume and the fabric according to the seasons

Autumn winter

Although in some countries the winter season is not the most popular time to get married, it is essential to know the different options. In this case, it is good to opt for a heavy material such as 100% wool, wool and silk or wool and mohair fabrics weighing more than 270 grams / m.
If you opt for a tuxedo, its color should be black even for this season, while for a three-piece suit the colors blue, midnight blue and charcoal gray are the most suitable.

The Lanier Style Advisor's proposals

Blue Twill Suit

Fabric produced by Loro Piana

Imagine the perfect blue suit. Now imagine being able to wear it during all four seasons. The Twill Blue suit has been ideally designed for you, for the most special occasions as well as for professional ones. Made from a durable wool fabric from Loro Piana, it retains its shape during the day and is breathable if necessary. In short: the perfect costume.

Fabric produced by Carlo Barbera

The Assoluto Bleu Biella made-to-measure suit is elegant and of high quality. Made using a special carbon fiber and an extra fine Australian wool fiber, this piece insulates against the cold, protects against heat and electromagnetic waves. Patented by the Carlo Barbera spinning mill in the 90s, Assoluto Bleu Biella is much more than a fabric.

Spring / Summer

The official wedding season starts in mid-spring, if you get married during this period we advise you to choose woolen fabrics or a wool and silk blend, with a weight of around 260 grams / m. The breathability will be optimal and the effect of the costume sophisticated.

The Lanieri Style Advisor's proposals

Cobalt Blue Biella Suit

Fabric produced by Ermenegildo Zegna

A classic… with an added touch! The Cobalt Blue Biella suit is really the ideal choice for a chic but discreet outfit, suitable for the four seasons, both for professional purposes and for ceremonies.

Icon Blue Twill Suit

Fabric produced by Reda

A classic Twill fabric with an added touch: 130's finesse, softness of the weft and luminous appearance. In short: precious. These features make the Icon Bleu Twill suit the perfect choice for the most formal occasions all year round.

Choose according to style


The three-piece suit (jacket, pants and waistcoat) is a great classic in formal wear, suitable for most weddings. Blue has endless color variations for you to choose from depending on your personality.

The most classic options for choosing a fabric? Blue, cobalt blue, dark blue or midnight blue - in wool or blend (wool and mohair or, even better, wool and silk). As for the customizations, choose a suit with three buttons, a slit at the back of the jacket, four buttons on the sleeves and welt pockets.

Gray bespoke groom suit with peak lapel
A classic suit can also be recognized by the details, such as the peaked lapel.


If the wedding is going to be on the beach, or you just want to ditch the traditional look and go in search of something cooler, you can try a three-piece suit in lighter tones.

Colors like white, light gray, beige or light blue, for example. The fabric for this type of groom suit can be a wool and silk blend, which gives the outfit a little more shine, or a cotton and linen blend for a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere.

The suit shall be a three-button suit with a double slit at the back of the jacket, three buttons on the sleeves, and welt or flap pockets. If you like to experiment and your wife agrees, dare the double-breasted jacket.

Choose the groom's suit according to the place and time of the wedding

Exotic and beach ceremonies

The time and location of the wedding is very important when looking for the perfect wedding costume. If the ceremony is being held in an exotic location, the joyous and rather warm occasion calls for light and breathable fabrics, so remember to forgo the dark woolen suit or tuxedo.

For a beach wedding, it's obviously important to stay cool while still looking stylish. Fabrics play an important role here as long as you want to be comfortable while maintaining a formal look. The solution? A linen suit or a cotton and linen blend in order to have a suit with an elegant and formal texture for good reason.

Ceremony in town

Bespoke gray jacket with a light gray waistcoat and white pouch
Keeping a traditional look is the perfect choice for a city wedding.

If you are in the city you will probably get married somewhere in a place of worship or in a formal ceremony, keep an elegant and traditional outfit: an evening suit in classic tones (charcoal gray or midnight blue) will be the best choice.

Ceremony in the countryside

Country weddings, those with a somewhat bucolic spirit, are becoming more and more popular. If on the one hand a dark blue or midnight blue suit could go well, on the other hand it is true that the context lends itself to more flexibility in the choice of colors and more casual customizations.

The timing of the wedding is important as to the location, if it takes place in the evening and you are in the middle of nature it could be cool, so it is necessary to take this into account when planning which outfit buy. Wool and silk fabrics in dark colors, such as brown, are a good choice.

Vice and versa, if the wedding takes place in the morning or in the afternoon you will have to face the hottest hours of the day, so a light linen or wool and cotton suit will be perfect, especially if it is accompanied accessories that give the whole a carefree look.

Jacket and pants

We are going a little further into the detail of your tailor-made wedding suit. After choosing the fabric and color of the suit, it's time to figure out how to customize the style of the jacket and pants.

For formal ceremonies choose the straight jacket with three buttons. The classic style with peak lapel is perfect for a formal wedding. The end of the cuffs point upwards which will give your shoulders and general line a truly imposing and refined effect. If you are looking for a little more informal look you can go for notched lapels.

Regarding the jacket pockets, you can choose between two models: the welt pockets, without exterior details, only a slit surrounded by two topstitched “lips”; or the more informal flap pockets, characterized by a fabric rectangle with rounded edges that hide the pocket slit.

Last but not least, the pants. First of all, you will have to make sure that the length is the right one. For a groom's suit, the length of the pants is longer than the usual one, the bottom of the latter should touch the saphead so as to touch the upper of the shoe.

The pants should also be without cuff since these are considered too casual. Trousers with belt loops, not essential since your trousers are made to measure, as well as trousers with darts are also not recommended.

Vest or no vest? Two or three piece suit?

Detail of a waistcoat under a Lanier groom suit
For a three-piece ensemble, a mismatched cardigan is a must.

Unless you intend to wear a tuxedo at your wedding, the waistcoat will be an essential detail. The three-piece suit with a tailored waistcoat has many obvious qualities:

The first of these concerns the label. It is fashionable for the bridegroom to choose something formal for the ceremony, but a two-piece suit does not do enough justice to the occasion.

The second concerns creativity. Notwithstanding the fact that the vest is a mannered piece , the different customizations will allow you to make it more or less formal according to your desire. The number of buttons (3 or 4), for example, depends on the level of formality sought as well as the choice of fabric which can be coordinated with that of the suit or mismatched.

If you like a formal or understated wedding outfit, choose a tone-on-tone vest with your suit, if on the other hand you want to experiment with a more vibrant and fascinating outfit, try an ivory or cream colored silk blend fabric.

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Black or blue wedding suit? The most indicated colors

If for daily formal clothing, such as that for the office or for free time, the color variations are infinite, those concerning weddings or ceremonies are infinitely less. In fact, if you are wondering what color the groom's suit should be, you should know that the most popular options are three in number: blue, gray and black. Let's see this together in detail.

Blue groom suit

Custom suit with mismatched ivory Lanier waistcoat

The blue groom suit: the right balance between tradition and versatility.

Blue is really the most common option when it comes to weddings, especially in midnight blue and cobalt blue tones. A versatile shade, capable of enhancing every type of complexion and constitution, a fascinating color that gives the right dose of seriousness and elegance to the men who wear it.

This innate formality is also due to the fact that the color blue has always been associated with highly prestigious military contexts such as the Navy. A bespoke blue suit will also allow you to associate a cardigan in various colors, such as ivory, the right combination with the dress of your future wife.

Gray groom suit

Gray tailored suit with light waistcoat

The gray groom suit: a good alternative to the formal touch.

A classic gray suit is a good option that draws its inspiration from the more rigorous jacket and half-tight sets. A gray suit, especially in a charcoal gray tone, is the second best option after blue for formal weddings.

Light gray, on the other hand, and its shades in light fabrics have become a big trend for more casual weddings in recent years, although we would like to point out that this type of color could clash with your bride's white outfit. It is therefore an opportunity to be particularly careful about choosing the right shade for you but also for her.

Black groom suit

Man wearing a tailored black Lanieri wedding suit

The black groom's suit: the best alternative in case of a black tie dress code

Black is an exclusive and formal color at the same time, but because of its association with tuxedos it might not be suitable for a traditional stamped wedding at all. In fact, in many countries, etiquette and tradition do not contemplate so-called black tie dress codes .

On the other hand, if it crossed your mind to choose a classic black costume, we remind you that in most countries this color is reserved for funeral events. Why not fall back on very dark blue shades?

Mismatched wedding suit

When it comes to weddings, the mismatched costume is greeted by a large “no entry” sign. It doesn't matter if the wedding is on a beach or in a small country church, a suit with an uncoordinated jacket and pants is just too casual for a ceremony.

Each bride and groom should be dressed in their best attire for this special day, and a well-made and perfectly tailored three-piece suit is the best choice.

Other variations

The Prince of Wales pattern or fabrics in brown tones are some sophisticated alternatives, designed for spouses looking for a slightly daring look. For summer weddings, white and light gray in lightweight linen-blend fabrics are a creative choice.

How to choose your wedding shirt?

Cufflink cuff detail on custom white shirt

A wedding shirt cannot ignore cufflink cuffs.

The shirt is what defines, along with the suit, the elegance of an outfit and determines its style and formality. The shirt can play a supporting role in the costume and will stand up to elegance even when you take the jacket off to go dancing.

A tailored shirt is definitely one thing you shouldn't give up, especially on your wedding day. It will fit you perfectly, it will make you feel comfortable and make you appear impeccable in your groom suit.

Color and fabric are the first things to consider when you find yourself customizing your formal dress shirt online. When it comes to color, white is always and indisputably the best option since it brings out the color of the suit and gives you a clean and fresh look to match the bride's white outfit. Avoid other tones such as light blue or gray.

Regarding the choice of fabric, you just have to take into consideration the season and the place of the wedding, just as you did for the choice of the fabric of the costume.

For weddings that take place in spring and summer, choose a light fabric, go for something like plain cotton poplin or maximum with very light stripes in tone on tone.

For beach weddings, cotton and linen are also a good choice: linen shirts go perfectly with the general atmosphere, which is a little nonchalant and informal, while those in a cotton and linen blend can give the summer touch. Appropriate for your costume.

For weddings in fall and winter, the fabric should be a little thicker like the dobby. This will make your shirt a little more resistant to wrinkles; it goes perfectly with a formal wool suit.

If you want to show off a nice pair of cufflinks, antique and decorated or modern in silver or platinum, make sure the cuffs are double. The collar, on the other hand, must be French, it is the most practical model and it lends itself well to receive a tie or plastron.

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Wedding suit accessories

Which shoes to choose?

Your wedding shoes should be: black, leather, laced and well waxed. As for the sole, if possible, choose one in leather rather than rubber. You might think it doesn't make any difference, but trust me it's a little detail that makes your shoes look more sophisticated.

Regardless of whether you are wearing a suit, tuxedo, or jacket, if your formal dress is dark in color you should wear black shoes. For the dark blue suits you can also associate a pair of brown shoes, incidentally in chocolate color.

Other color varieties are also available; from burgundy to dark green, but only if you have decided to break the traditional rules. Which model to choose?

Pocket or buttonhole?

Man wearing Lanieri wedding jacket, buttonhole and clutch

We advise you to wear both the pocket square and the buttonhole for a really elegant effect.
Flower or pouch? We have no doubts about it: our advice is to wear the buttonhole as well as the pocket square. Both are an essential part of the traditional wedding dress and are a great way to add character and distinction to the wearer.

Clutches are one of the most familiar accessories for men, they are chosen according to personal taste but above all according to the color of the suit and the general mood of the wedding.

For example, a very strong pattern would seem irrelevant in the case of a formal evening wedding. At Lanier, we recommend a white cotton or silk pocket square, suitable for a classic or black tie wedding . For weddings at the beach or in the country, we recommend a linen or cotton blend fabric.

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As for the boutonniere, make sure it is real flowers, fresh and complementary with the mood of the wedding.

Which tie to choose?

A seven-fold tie is always the best choice, especially if it's made from a silk fabric.
You will have a variety of different styles available to complete your wedding outfit with the perfect tie . The best color choices are blue, cream and ivory, silk of course.

If you want to add a refined luxurious touch, you can go for a seven-fold tie. The long and painstaking creation process makes each seven-fold tie a work of art. A sought-after accessory, designed for all demanding couples who know how to appreciate artisanal quality.

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What belt?

Easy: no belt. This little accessory is capable of ruining the precise and refined image that you are looking to project. If for the big day you've decided to wear tailored pants, you won't need a belt as the pants will fit you perfectly.

In any case, both the waistcoat and the tuxedo cummerbund are specially designed to cover the waistband of the pants and make the outfit very formal.


Cufflinks are the accessory that completes your wedding attire. The shirt must therefore be personalized with cuffs without buttons and two buttonholes instead which will allow the cufflinks to be slipped in. Which cufflinks to choose? For the big day choose one decorated in gold or silver that will match your costume.


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