What song do you want to download?

Downloading YouTube music to your PC is easy with the help of a simple online converter like youtube2video.com. In this tutorial, we explain how to do it.

Music subscription services are usually expensive. That makes many have to settle for free options, which can be consumed without cost in exchange for annoying ads between songs.

To all this, it is added the fact that these streaming music players can only be enjoyed for free if you have an Internet connection. That is when we ask ourselves: "How can I listen to my favorite songs for free and at any time?".

The answer to this question is found in online converters like youtube2video. With a few simple steps, we can store any YouTube video in audio format and thus have songs, podcasts, and tutorials on our computer.

At this point, and before proceeding with how to do it. I clear that we do not support any illegal or immoral conduct and that downloading YouTube videos goes against the conditions of use of this platform. That is why, in this case, we are going to convert a video of one of the official channels of IDG, of which we have legal rights.


Step 1. What song do you want to download?

1. First of all, find the video you want to convert into audio format. To do this, go to the official YouTube page by typing youtube.com in the address bar of your browser.

2. Once on the platform, look for the video by using the search engine that you will find at the top of the screen.

3. Click on your preference result and select the video you want to convert. In this example, we choose the clip that appears on the homepage of the channel.

Step 2. How to convert a video into audio?

1. Once inside the video page, copy the URL that you can find in the address bar. To do so, select the address, right-click and click on ' Copy ', or directly use the shortcut, giving the ' Ctrl ' and ' C ' keys.

2. With the copied YouTube link, go to the converter page. In our case, we have introduced youtube2video.com. to in the address bar of our browser, but if this converter does not work, you should know that there are others available on the web with similar functionality. You can easily find them with a convert youtube video to mp3 keywords Google search.

3. In the search field of the website paste the URL of the video that you just copied. To do so, click the convert video button.

4. You can usually change the audio format with the option. In this example, we want to convert the video to mp3

step 3. How to save the audio?

1. Finally, you only have to click on ' Download ' to save the converted audio on your computer.

2. If you need to download another video, start by clicking on ' Convert other videos' to go to the initial page of the converter and repeat the whole process again.
Convert device video to mp3
So, just go ahead and try this website convert youtube video to MP3 and get your favorite mp3 song from YouTube videos in any desired format and also convert device video to MP3.


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Downloading YouTube music to your PC is easy with the help of a simple online converter like youtube2video.com. In this tutorial, we explain how to do it.