With the prominence of video streaming platforms, people are opting to download movies online for offline viewing. These online video streaming platforms eventually charge you money for a monthly or annual subscription. Due to the high charges, not a lot of people prefer to view them online.

This is becoming easier for people to drive more and more false websites. It is necessary to note that with the advent of several video streaming platforms, the prominence of fake websites is also increasing thereby proving to be problematic for you. These illegal or unauthorized websites can hurt your website.

How to tell if the website is helpful? 

Wring websites are taking all over the internet. However, there are many websites too such as MkvMad.com that will make it easier for you to download all types of movies and TV shows without getting penalized. Streaming movies and TV shows online will cost you a lot of money. Also, if there is no internet, it can get problematic for you, as it won't function properly.

Some of the prominent ways through which you will be assured of the legal websites include the following

They do not tell you to use VPN

Some websites often ask you to switch on your VPN, proxy and more. This is usually said so that you can hide your IP address from government and internet service provider. Therefore, it ensures that it does not work with the law.

Any streaming movie websites that ask you to switch on your VPN, is a clear indication that the website isn't authorised. Also, these websites tend to cover different posting websites. Most of the websites will notify whether the movie is copyrighted or not.

They have contact information

Most websites offer free movies and this eventually ensures that there is nothing to hide. All the contact information is eventually available on their website such as "About Us" and "Contact Us". You can find most information at the bottom of the page.

Apart from the physical address, you can find a wide range of contact address. You should check the website for any additional information.

They do not have much new movies

Although new movies are one of the most searched ones, you wouldn't necessarily find them on the website. Various websites do not have any new information or movies. Nonetheless, you will be able to find a wide range of old movies, even if they are decades online.

Some websites often contain movies that are still available in theatres. As a result, you should prefer avoiding this if any such information is available on the website.

They mention the source of the movie

All websites often get their movie, if the movie is under public domain or if they have permission from the movie production company to download the movie. Most of the websites would often mention the source so that you can be assured about it. Free streaming websites can make movies and shows easily available on your website. Such information will often be available on the "About Us" page.

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