Aadhaar card is an identification card for Indian resident which contain aadhaar number. It is 12 digits number which is different for every person. The responsible authority of aadhaar is UIDAI or Unique Identification Authority of India. Indian government started UIDAI in 12 July, 2016. It was founded under the Aadhar Act 2016.

The responsibility of UIDAI is to issue aadhaar number and its verification. It will also deal with any issues that may arise with aadhaar card such as information wrongly printed, any correction or update in aadhaar card.

Reasons of introducing Aadhaar:

The reason of introducing aadhaar is to eliminate the problems associated with identification. Previously there was some problem with identification. It was easy to duplicate identity card like passport or driving license or such other cards. The verification was costly and time consuming.

Aadhaar card will eliminate these problems because aadhar card uses both demographic and biometric data for identification. Biometric identification made it easy to verify and less costly. Online verification made it less time consuming and cost-effective. It is also hard to duplicate because every aadhaar number is unique and one number is issued to only one person.

Criteria of getting Aadhaar:

The one and only criteria of getting aadhaar is to be a resident of India. Any citizen of India can own an aadhaar card. There is even no age limit or qualification. Children can get aadhaar as well. Indian citizens living outside India can get aadhaar card as well.

Process of getting Aadhaar:

It is simple to enroll for an aadhar card. It is completely free as well. The willing person needs to visit the nearest enrollment centre with proof of address and any identity card with photo ID. The people in enrollment center will collect the biometric data like photo of face, finger prints and retinal scan and will enroll that person. They will provide an enrollment number for future reference.

Aadhaar card download:

In general after enrollment the card owner will get card by post within 3 months. But it is also possible to download from UIDAI website if it is ready. It is possible to aadhaar card download using aadhaar number or enrollment ID.

The process is:

Go online and find official website of UIDAI.
Click in download aadhar option in enrollment section.
Fill the information asked for such as enrollment ID, name, registered mobile number and pin code.
Type the security code or capacha.

Following this process candidate can download their aadhaar card.

But if someone has lost the aadhar number or enrollment ID, there is nothing to worry about. There are other ways to retrieve aadhaar card and aadhaar number.

Aadhaar card Download by name:

If anyone have lost their aadhaar number or enrollment ID, it is possible to download aadhaar card by using name and some other relevant demographic information. However, no one can download aadhaar card using only name.
In cases where someone loses or forgets his/her enrollment ID they can use name, date of birth, mobile number and email address. In such cases mobile number is an important part. It is possible to download aadhaar card providing all the information above or only using name and mobile number. Both processes are almost same.
There are two steps in downloading aadhar card without enrollment ID. In beginning step retrieve the enrollment ID or aadhaar number by using name, date of birth, mobile number and email address. The second step is to download aadhaar card using enrollment details.

The process of retrieving aadhaar number or enrollment details using name, date of birth, mobile number and email address:
Visit resident portal of UIDAI
Select the aadhar number or enrollment number option.
Provide information as name and mobile number (from aadhaar enrollment details).
Type the security code or capacha correctly.
Website will provide enrollment details or aadhar number depending on previously chosen options via sms.
Now, download the aadhaar card using enrollment details or aadhaar number. The process of downloading aadhaar is in the previous section.

Aadhaar will relieve citizens of India from the problems they face during identification in different official works. The authorities will also get a break from fake ID cards and costly authentications. Aadhaar is a new dawn towards digitalized India.

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