If you really want to increase your profits, you can use the simple process of selling something additional to your existing customers. Since those customers have already purchased from you before, you can be pretty sure that they will buy from you again, because they already know, like and trust you. Your are probably asking, if you don't already know, "how does one get started with this process?" I'll continue this conversation tomorrow, and further explain how to make huge sums of money selling to your list of customers. Fair enough? Check it out tomorrow, Wednesday, August 29, 2012.

To pick up where we left off yesterday regarding "How To Double Your Profits With List Building," let me say this--I hope you will not make the same mistake I made starting out, that I was so hungry for money, that I avoided building a list, because I wanted to make some sales NOW! You know what I mean? I felt I had to have money now.

I learned the hard way, that is not the way to make money on the Internet. Yes, you can make some sales without a list, but one thing you can't do, is sell those that you have already sold a product or service, additional products or services. And you know the reason why, right? You don't have their name and email address to sell them anything, the second or third time, etc.

Think of the cost that it took you to get those customers in the first place, but rather than hold on to those customers, we want to go out and find new customers to sell them something. I'm speaking to Affiliate Marketers in particular, and Network Marketers who are good at what they do in terms of recruiting and/or selling a products or services.

Let me ask you a question, what about all of those people who did not buy from you when you made them an offer, or did not sign up with you in your opportunity? Did you get their name and email address? That's where I missed it, I was too in a hurry to run off and make a sale to a new prospect, or to find another prospect I could sign up in my opportunity.

Finally, this foolishness caught up with me and I saw the hand writing on the wall. "The Money Is In The List." That is a very true statement, but I want to warn you that it takes more than just a list of subscribers to make big money on the Internet. You and I must build a relationship with our list. We've got to love those people, and give them tremendous value in terms of information for the niche they are in, Without Always Wanting To Make A Sale everytime we send them an email.

Actually, I've found that the best way to enrich your email list is to email them twice per day every day of the week. The email in the morning should contain content in story form, with a link about your product or service. The email in the afternoon, should be some very good content, relative to the niche they are in, but not with the intent of selling a product or service. You will get different opinions about this strategy, but remember there is more than one way to successfully do most things, right? We will do a Webinar on List Building very soon to give you step-by-step methods to build your email list.

Be sure and post a comment or two below, and let me know if you would like to be a part of a "Live Webinar" that covers "How To Build Your Email List Fast!"

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