How to Double Your Income in 2014 Using Mental-Imagery
• 1. Me: “The latest research at the University of Oslo, & published 12.03.13 in Psychological Science drops a bomb. That what we concentrate on as a Mental-Movie,
and emotionalize, creates itself in our experiences.”

• 2. You: “Do they say that if we can Imagine something long enough and with emotion, it can reveal itself in our physical experience?”

• 3. Me: “Exactly. How did you know that?”

• 4. You: “Easy, because I concentrate on my Goals like crazy, create a mental-picture of how I want it to turn-out.”

• 5. Me: “Are you saying you can bring your DESIRES into reality by focusing on your Attention & Emotions on it?”

• 6. You: “Not five goals all at the same time. One-at-a-time. It takes me about a week, maybe 5-minutes twice daily to get my heart’s desire. Sound kind of crazy, huh?”

• 7. Me: “Is there a best time to create this mental imagery or does it make a difference?”

• 8. You: “Best time is before falling asleep at night, and prior to awakening in the a.m. I tried 12 noon, & 4:00pm & found my mind was too distracted by work issues.”

• 9. Me: “I told a dozen folks about this research and12 people laughed at me, and pegged me for a coo-coo.”

• 10. You: “Explain what they found at the University of Oslo. I’m interested.”

• 11. Me: “The take-away is that our PUPILS adjust when we imagine Daylight and switch to Night-time. No scientist ever did research to show creating mental imagery, has a physiological effect on our Body.”

• Professor Bruno Laeng, Oslo University wrote that the size of our pupils is NOT an Instinct or Reflex. It is more than a mechanistic-response. Our eyes adjust to our subjective sense of brightness.”

• 12. You: “How did they prove it? That what we give our Attention to and feel strongly about, is real & tangible?”

• 13. Me: “The team used new Eye-Tracking devices. When the subjects imagined Brighter Triangles, their pupils got
“smaller”. The opposite: creating a mental image that was Darker, and their pupils became “larger”.
• More. When asked to imagine a bright, sunny sky, a empty dark room. See a human face in the sun, or on a dark night, and the pupils registered almost opposite on the Eye-Tracking display.”

• 14. You: “So it’s a scientific fact. You can use creative-imagery to…?”

The “eyes’ pupils” register when you emotionalize the scene . When evidence is consistent that Mental-Movies change our pupils’ size, it makes scientists stop & do more research.”

• 16. You: “But why does it work?”

• 17. Me: “When you use your imagination, you create another Brain-State. It is equal to what happens during
Actual-Perception. See, you have taken it a step further when you use your Inner-Vision to create your goals.”

• 18. You: “How do they know it works that way?”

• 19. Me: “Easy. It is a physical reality humans CANNOT voluntarily constrict the eyes’ PUPILS. Now they know your imagination can.”

• 20. You: “But they never said you can create your own reality by focusing on your goals, right?”

• 21. Me: “Not yet. That’s the next research. In Sports there is practical evidence, your Mental-Imagery, plus emotionalizing it, improves your skills to win at golf, tennis, football & baseball.”

• 22. You: “If saying so doesn’t make it so, why does thinking and feeling so, affect a new reality?”

• 23. Me: “No answers yet. But Tiger Woods & a dozen other celebrity athletes have coaches in Mental-visualization to win. More later.”

• See ya,
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