How to Double (2x) Your Memory – Permanently

If you have a kid in school, or are in college or grad-school, this baby-easy strategy
is guaranteed to raise your class rank - one-full-grade. Your exam scores will improve
up to 37%, and your opportunity for a scholarship doubles. Works for executives too.

Why? It’s because Memory is Everything. It’s the secret to academic success, right?

V stands for “Vision”, you have to see what you want to remember.

A stands for “Auditory”, you must hear the word or phrase you want to recall.

K stands for “Kinesthetic”, a fancy name for your sense of touch, (feeling, tactile).
When you use a pen or type with your word-processor, you activate your sense of
touch to double your memory, you must “feel” the word or phrase.

Handy-Hand Strategy

1. If you are a lefty, use the index-finger of your left-hand to trace the word or
phrase you want to permanently remember in the palm of your right-hand.
For righties, use your right-index-finger to trace in the palm of your left-hand.

2. Before we start we must mentally announce our memory intention,
and get the cooperation of your Inner-Child. Who is he/she? Another name is your
Self-Talk, Stream-of-Consciousness, Internal-Dialogue, and Subvocalization.

Your Inner-Child is the “still, small voice” within - that you hear mentally when you
are reading. When you ask yourself, “Should I take an umbrella?”, who are you
talking to? It’s your Inner-Child that sends you an answer (intuition).

3. Here’s what you do. Close your eyes and instantly go into Alpha (relaxation).

“I want to talk to my Inner-Child (call it by your nick-name or Kiddo). We are going
to play a little game. Help me. I want to permanently remember this word (phrase).
Please play with me.” That’s all there is to it.

You have created Attention-Interest-Desire in your own brain. Now we use V-A-K
to make Handy-Hand work. You have the strength of your three-power senses for
long-term memory.

4. Example: Occum’s Razor

I just cannot remember the phrase Occum’s Razor, the law of parsimony. It refers
to using the simplest approach – Keep-It-Simple-Stupid. We have the help of our
Inner-Child, but he/she needs clues to remember. It comes from using multi-senses.

a. Mentally – say in your mind, Occum’s Razor three-times (3x). If you are alone
you can say the two-words out-loud 3x. Repeat the words with feeling, like you intend
to learn them permanently. Your intention to remember - is everything.

b. Notice that whether you repeat the two-words “mentally’ or aloud, you involve
Your sense of hearing – Auditory sense. You hear - Occum’s Razor (3x).

c. Trace the two-words, Occum’s Razor in the palm of your passive hand using
your dominant index-finger. So What? You are using your Visual Sense by seeing the
words as you trace them. You see them in your “mind’s eye” and with your physical
Visual Cortex.

d. Tracing the words Occum’s Razor in you other hand is a physical act that
triggers your powerful sense of touch (kinesthetic). You feel yourself tracing the
words to be memorized. That’s Kinesthetic.

e. Ask yourself (Inner-Child), “Kiddo, what does Occum’s Razor remind me of?
What does it sound like? What pictures (mental-images) come into my mind when I
think of the two-words – Occum’s Razor?

Wait two-seconds for an answer, it will come immediately. I get a mental-image of
of my Gillette Fusion Razor. I use it daily, and see myself shaving with the Razor.
That’s all I need because I am linking something new, “Occum’s Razor”, with
Something “old” in my long-term memory. Gillette Razor to Occum’s Razor, right?

What about a rhyme for “Occum”? Dock-em, Hock-em, Lock-em, and Sock-Em.
The last one is very visual, I see a prize-fight and a lot of Rock-Em and Sock-Em.
Okay, I repeat 3x the rhythm reminder for Occum. ‘Sock-Em, Sock-Em, Sock-Em.”

That’s baby-easy, I can visualize-mentally, and even feel – ‘Sock-Em.’ Now I link
them together, “Sock-Em, Occum!”. Now I add “Razor”, my own Gillette razor,
the one I shave with daily. Fact: I will never forget the two-words, Occum’s Razor.

f. Last thing, I must show my appreciation to my Inner-Child. “Thanks for
playing the word-game with me. Is there anything I can do for you? A picture of
a Hershey candy-bar comes to mind. “How about a diet Pepsi, or a sweet fruit,
I want to lose five-pounds?” I hear the ‘still, small voice’ echo, “OK”.


Your Inner-Child wants to play games all the time. He/she is available 24/7 to
to help you learn, remember or discover creative ways to improving. Just ask
in a nice way, and he/she will play with you.

Want a new relationship, a promotion/raise in your career, lose-five-pounds?
It’s doable, just ask him/her for help by playing a game. Here, you have an
excellent memory strategy. It will get you better grades, and career success.

Ask your Inner-Child, and use Handy-Hand-Memory to permanently
Learn new vocabulary, phrases or creative ideas. Memory: Use-it-or-Lose-it.

See ya,

Copyright © 2011, H. Bernard Wechsler

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