The need for mobile app development is skyrocketing, and the industry is advancing at a breakneck pace. Looking at the numbers, in 2022, the market revenue is expected to reach $808.7 billion. Companies must remain on top of the latest mobile app technology to succeed in this fast-changing digital world.

The unexpected impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has made many corporations realize that information technology is a brand new era. It has made them see the consequences and use of technology repeatedly. Many enterprise proprietors have begun to spend money on numerous technologies to enhance their present operations, competitions, and the way to continually excel.

The technology behind mobile applications has evolved as well and simplifies the process of doing business. People doing business and other activities are connected 24*7. Almost everyone uses a smartphone for even the simplest of tasks. As a result, considerable advances in mobile apps for eCommerce stores have been made to meet the ever-increasing demand. Developers of mobile applications put in extra effort to produce something unique that provides the finest experience.

Now let's put our focus on some of the facts and figures:

1 - According to a Statista analysis from 2018, there are currently 30.73 billion gadgets in use around the world. This implies that each person owns at least three devices. According to the research, by 2025, this number will have risen to 38.6 billion devices, and by 2030, it can be 50 billion.

2 - In 2018, the value was $106.27 billion for the global mobile apps industry. By 2026, they expect the market to have grown by nearly four times in just 8 years approx. to $407.31 billion.

3 - Research found that 21% of millennials access their apps more than 50 times per day. The younger generation is more tech-savvy and frequently uses their phones. You can design terrific software to earn their trust, and they'll eventually come back and use it again.

4 - According to research, adults spend nearly four hours a day consistent with the usage of the internet. Out of which they spend 88% of that point on cell applications, instead of a browser.

Below are some of the points which will help us in understanding why mobile applications are the trends of the market in 2022:

Induction of Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

The presence of artificial intelligence has been massive since the previous couple of years. It has revolutionized the manner we use our gadgets and could help to achieve this within the coming years.

It all started with voice assistants in mobiles that talk like human beings. Certain examples are Google Assistant from Google, Alexa from Amazon, and Siri from Apple.

Chatbots are in the more similar common automated interactions. It is primarily a voice and text-based consumer interface that interacts with programs to provide significant time and business cost savings. Chatbots are a few of the pinnacle mobile app improvement tendencies to make an appearance in 2020-2021.

They allow hand-loose interplay with mobile programs and short reactions to instructions via a voice assistant. Chatbots also are converting the way customers engage with their mobile phones. They are available 24*7 and provide responses similar to customers which results in many services.

The World Internet of Things (IoT)

The generation to attach exclusive family home equipment with digital gadgets is the subsequent new thing. It lets you manipulate your property behaviors using your smartphone. It may be to watch TV, unlock doors, open home windows, or activate things with simply one touch.

The invention of smart homes and smart things is very new and has the potential to evolve in the coming years. This is the net of factors and has an international marketplace of approximately USD 1 trillion via means of 2025. From 2020 to 2025 at a CAGR of 10.53%, it has grown to USD 690 billion.

Hybrid Mobile Application Framework

The two important operating systems, iOS and Android, have turned out to be the main mobile structures in the last 10 years. These technologies give different ways to different frameworks. It is becoming tough to manipulate and keep up with many other programming languages. Mobile package builders will quickly attain hybrid improved frameworks. They offer alternatives to keep time, money, and attempt in imparting not unusual places consumers revel in amongst structures.


Mobile commerce has become a trend since Covid-19 has been declared a global pandemic. People are more interested in purchasing things online rather than going by themselves on their own.

This technology has given an immense rise to the e-commerce giants as the situation has tended everybody to shop online and thus mobile has become a basic and most important source. This has led every e-commerce owner to turn not their stores to website development but to also switch towards the m-commerce trend for ease of customers and their growth in business revenue.


5G will extrude the manner we construct and use apps. Speed and performance will extensively improve. Here are some matters we can expect: 5G can be as much as 100x quicker than 4G. Latency will lessen from 50 milliseconds (4G) to at least one millisecond.

With better resolution, much less latency, and quicker performance – video streaming apps will see a large improvement. 5G will convey extra possibilities for AR and VR as integrating those technologies into the app can be easier. Transferring information among gadgets and smartphones can be quicker and smoother.

5G will permit Developers to construct new functions without negatively affecting the app performance. Mobile bills can be faster and extra stable due to the quicker processing of biometric information for identification.

Overall, the 5G generation will make apps quicker, smoother, and extra efficient. It may also open up rooms for innovation. All the thrilling thoughts you would possibly have approximately your app will not continue to be thoughts. With 5G, you may lead them to reality. We can’t wait to see what the generation brings onboard.

Hence every business owner must adapt to the change and should understand the role of mobile development in the growth and expansion of business and its revenue. To increase customer base, boost sales figures and enhance your business revenue to new heights is the best way to imply through mobile apps.

Mobile apps are the most crucial part of business development and the future of every business. Mobile Apps can help you establish your business as a brand and will always be providing new methods and opportunities to grow.

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This article is penned by Maria Lawson. Maria likes to write on lifestyle, business and entrepreneurship.