Thai massage is famous not only in Thailand but also in other countries of the world. This great offer exists because not only does the individuals enjoy traditional Thai massage/ 홈타이 . If you have seen that this is not for you or, perhaps you have already tried it and want to try a different one, in the same places they will offer you a variety of options to choose from. So, if you still don't know which Thai massage is ideal for you, here are the best known and most requested:

Types of Thai massages

1: The traditional Thai massage

It is the one that I have already told you about before. But, in summary and to compare, we can say that it is a deep stretching and pressure massage.

It is received by lying on the floor and surrendering to the talent of the masseuse who uses hands, feet, elbows, knees, etc. so that later you feel like in heaven.

In addition, they will do it while you are stretched out on the floor in a dimly lit room and with a relaxing background music playing through the speakers. The air conditioning, of course, on full blast and, to prevent you from getting cold, they will cover you with a blanket.

2: The foot massage

This will appear in all the massage/ 마사지 menus that they show you, it is a relaxation massage, ideal especially to release the tension accumulated in your feet after a good walk.

This massage is received while sitting in a comfortable chair. Before doing it, they will clean your feet, since oils or creams are used in their execution.

While you enjoy it, you can talk with the masseuse or whoever is accompanying you, read a book, write to your loved ones on WhatsApp and even take a nap (I have seen people fall asleep peacefully while receiving the massage). 

3: Thai oil massage (oil massage)

It is a full body massage. In this, relaxation Thai massage techniques are used, the kind in which you only let yourself be loved, without pain. You receive this while being half naked and lying on a stretcher for this purpose. To rub the skin more comfortably, the masseuse uses special oils.

This is practiced in complete privacy and, for the most part, they are based on western techniques; probably more similar to the ones you can find in your city. It is also more expensive than Thai massage.

4: Aroma massage

This massage is similar in its execution to the previous one (Thai oil massage). However, oils are used with special essences extracted from certain plants that have therapeutic properties and that also contribute to the harmony, health and well-being of those who receive it.

These Thai massage practices and techniques are based, above all, on aromatherapy; and its price is similar to Thai oil massage.


Tips when giving yourself a massage

To choose a good place to pamper yourself for 30 minutes or an hour and give your body well-deserved attention on your vacation, it is good to consider the following tips:

1: Keep in mind that it is not a purely relaxation massage

As we have mentioned, the traditional Thai massage can hurt in its execution, since they will stretch you and press hard on your body. But do not worry! Not that they are going to torture you or anything like that. Only it's better to know in advance so you don't get caught off guard. If you are in a lot of pain, you should only tell the therapist about it.

After that hour of stretching, you will notice the magic that the therapist has done with you. The feeling of relaxation will be total. Usually they give you your time to recover, as it will not be a matter of getting up and leaving once the massage is finished. The feeling of ease and pleasant relaxation can accompany you for a few days. It's great!

2: Try the massage for at least one hour and allow an additional 15 minutes in your itinerary

Some venues offer 30-minute massages. Although they can give a pleasant sensation, in the case of traditional Thai massage, it is best to have at least one hour of massage to be really effective and have an experience.

But, also, I recommend that you take a few more minutes into account to "recover." At first the feeling of relaxation is such that one does not seem to be the owner of her own body.

In the same massage center they will let you take your time to stretch and change your clothes. Sometimes you may be offered a complimentary tea afterward.

3: Choose a massage that shows what is really offered

Although this sounds very obvious, it is worth noting. And is that, in some places, especially in the vicinity of the red neighborhoods, sometimes you can find a group of girls with very makeup and very provocative clothes who offer to give you a massage.

As I have mentioned before, the word "massage" is used to sell tourists a service other than the one you may have in mind.

There are times when you are in front of a place with excessive neon lights and it is easier to recognize what type of service they are really offering. But, on other occasions, they wait in other places with the appearance of actually offering a normal massage.

4: Don't go for a massage right after eating

If you've just enjoyed some good Thai food (or food of any kind), this is no time to seek a massage. It is best to wait for the body to make proper digestion and be ready to receive the massage from the therapist.

It is recommended to wait at least an hour after having eaten. Although, a good alternative is to go before eating, so you can enjoy your delicious phad thai, som tam or mango sticky rice with total calm.

5: When starting the massage, just relax

When you go to do the traditional Thai massage you should not do anything, just relax, forget everything and avoid getting tense. To do this, you will have to trust the therapist.

You may be concerned about the stretching part, that being inflexible makes you hesitate to enjoy this massage. The truth is that Thai massage is beneficial, especially for those of us who are not very flexible. The massage adapts to each body and the therapist will know what to do as the massage goes on. So don't deprive yourself of the experience!

6: Make sure you can undergo a Thai massage

Thai massage has the same contraindications as other massages. That is, in certain cases, its execution can be counterproductive for the recipient. Therefore, avoid it if you identify with one of the following cases:

  • If you suffer from hypertension or hypotension.
  • You have heart problems.
  • You are under the influence of alcohol or another drug.
  • If you have a history of stroke.
  • If you have significant varicose veins, edema or phlebitis.
  • In case you suffer from a herniated disc, arthritis and osteoporosis.
  • If you have suffered joint effusions or tendon tears.
  • If you have or have had recent infections or if you have contagious diseases (so as not to infect the masseuse).
  • If you have recent bleeds, burns, or wounds that have not yet healed.
  • It should also be avoided if you suffer from Erythema; or you have fungus or other contagious skin ailments.
  • If you have lymphatic cancer or other types of cancer.
  • Avoid massaging areas with organs
  • In case of being pregnant, it is better to avoid Thai massage for relaxation purposes and go to an expert in massages for medicinal purposes (and specialized in Thai massage for pregnant women) and get their opinion for your specific case.
  • If you have a history of joint dislocation, especially in the shoulder.
  • If you are under 16 years of age, avoid undergoing a massage that lasts for more than 40 minutes.
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