My first radio interview was in 1995. I was hosting an alternative health business group and one of the participants asked if I would be the guest on her show. Now, you’d think I’d jump at the opportunity, but not me! I did not want to do the interview, but a good friend was the producer and he convinced me he would make sure I would be comfortable. The interview turned out better than I thought and when she asked me back a few months later, it turned out she was sick and didn’t show up. My friend the producer interviewed me that day when the host couldn’t return, the next thing I knew, I was doing the interviews from that point on.

Do you know the term “feet to the fire?” Well, I learn well with that technique! I was amazed at how much I enjoyed interviewing others and making them feel comfortable. I am sure I over prepared for each interview, but I truly enjoyed the process of learning how to engage the people I interviewed and made sure they delivered a great program for the listeners.

I was asked to appear on television and radio quite frequently because I had my own show and I was very active in the business community. I had been speaking to business groups for about three years at that point and was very well known for my aggressive marketing tactics for entrepreneurs.

There are several techniques I learned over the years to make guests comfortable. Rarely will you have an occasion to be in the radio studio as the majority of interviews are conducted over the phone. It is time efficient and allows guests to appear on multiple radio programs in a single day.

The first thing to remember is the host is the star. Being the guest, you are considered the entertainment factor, but it is the host who has the following, so always make the host look good with your answers.

Be prepared with 12 to 15 questions on your website to make it easy for the producer and the amount of time your answers will take so the producer will know when to break for commercials. You’ll want to prepare a “Hook”. It’s the one line sentence which will help the host sell your segment. It’s the teaser; it will be the question or statement which will engage the listeners to make sure they tune in.

If you find yourself getting nervous, have a picture of the host on your computer and think about talking with them in person. I have found it makes it easier to engage with them and feel more natural.

Make sure you keep your answers short, no more than one to two minutes and keep your answers upbeat and conversational.

Do not mention your book or website too frequently. The rule of thumb is three times in an hour, unless the host directly asks you for the book title. When you refer to the book, mention why the listeners will want to follow through and go to your website to purchase the book.

Example: “You will discover how to . . . when you read about . . . “

Make sure you have lined up several gifts to give away to the listeners to encourage them to go to your site to purchase your book rather than going to one of the online bookstores where you’ll likely give up the lion’s share of the profits.

Example: “I have arranged for your listeners to receive more than $1,500 additional helpful audio programs. There’s a button on my site where they will be able to download the material immediately after they purchase the book.

Remember to keep the interview light, fun and engaging. Especially if your topic is serious or complicated. Stay away from negative or difficult stories. As much as people enjoy stories, they are more likely to go to your website if they enjoy listening to you talk about your book. Avoid jargon or industry buzz words so as not to interfere with the audiences ability to follow your topic.

Remember to thank the host for the interview and be sure to follow up quickly to get a copy of the interview to place on your website/blog.

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I spent 20 years in the printing and publishing industry and published my first book in 2000. I now have 10 books published.
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