“Value journey” is essential for every old customer. People love to stay engaged with their reliable seller. Running a business without a relationship with the customer is like walking on a piece of stretched string that can never serve as a bridge. 

Marketing through email is one of the best ways to secretly encourage the old customers. Some companies plan it for fresh clients, but its main benefits are the older customer’s value journey. 

To make the best of it, you need to follow some simple rules that every successful business is now following. Do not think that nobody will read those long emails; some people do, and if you satisfy them, it does matter. 

Types of emails for digital marketing. 

There are three types of emails that are the most important ones for digital marketing. Each email is designed for the branding and awareness of new products and designing of each one of these is different from others.   

  • Transactional emails. 
  • Relational emails. 
  • Promotional emails. 

The transactional emails are not very helpful for marketing; however, the remaining two are phenomenal for this task. The relational emails are blogs, stories, or videos in an email. These are to strengthen the bond with the customer. The promotional emails are about the new products, sales, and events that the company is going to organize.  

When to send these emails? 

You cannot send these emails all the time as it may annoy the customers. No one wants to have the same email in their inbox; they may block you, which can be the worst nightmare for someone who is relying on email marketing. 

The transactional emails are only to ensure that the customer is really in touch. Moreover, transactional emails are automated emails generated on purchases and delivery. The relational emails that are for the value journey of the customer require some extra effort. As for a business, the relational emails will be sent to a number of clients, so it must not be boring at all. It must have value in it, if affordable, the company must try to give some secret discount codes, etc., or a give away through it. 

Lastly, the promotional emails must always be sent during the sales season or for the launch of a new product. If you are selling multiple products, so sending promotional emails every other day s not wise; make a list of customers who are interested in a particular product and send them emails accordingly.

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