The diamond painting is a creative hobby very popular in English-speaking countries, it is more and more followers in USA. Once you try it you can not go without passing.

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Fun and very simple to perform, here is the step by step instructions.


Before starting your diamond painting it is important to prepare all the material.

On a clean table place your adhesive canvas and then have at hand the accessories included in your diamond embroidery kit.

We advise you to store your diamonds in a box like pearl box or pillbox, it avoids losing them and it is even more convenient to store them.

2. Begin filling the canvas:

Once your material is ready, it is now time to attack the filling of the canvas.

For this, lift a part of the protective film. In each box there is a small symbol that corresponds to a diamond color.

To find out which color to paste, just look at the legend on the side of the image.

Once you have found the number to match the symbol, you just have to take the corresponding color.

Pour some diamonds into the grooved receptacle. Shake slightly to place the diamonds in the correct position, so they will be easier to take.

Bring the tweezers or stylus to catch the diamonds and place them in the space provided on the canvas. Adjust your position and you're done!

Repeat for all the symbols and admire the result!

When you're done with one color, put them away and move to another one.


Contents of the complete kit of embroidery diamonds: the adhesive cloth, the rhinestones, the stylus, the tweezers, the 2 tips of the stylus, the glue and the tray with grooves.

- Images smaller than 30 x 40 cm are delivered in sachet packaging.
- Images larger than 30 x 40 cm are delivered in a box.

Insert a piece of glue paste into the tip of the stylus, this allows you to grab the rhinestones and stick them on the image.

The glue paste is to be introduced into each end before use.

Adapt the stylus tips to your taste and utility.

Tip: the tweezers have very fine points, use with care. To protect the tips, after use put back the protective cover.

Pour the rhinestones by color in the tray to organize them with the grooves in the right direction.

The flat part of the rhinestones being below and the rounded part above.

An additional shipment of 20 to 30% more rhinestones per color is provided, to compensate for losses in the production of images.

There are 2 models of rhinestone diamonds: squares and circles.

The relief effect on the image is more or less accentuated depending on the rhinestones and the number of sections they understand.

This is an example of a representation of the patterns defining the adhesive image and the diagram. The canvas is provided with a protective film that you will gradually remove from your advanced on the canvas.

Next to it is the image to be made + the symbol code to associate each rhinestone with its color code.


1: represents the number corresponding to the symbol, for the example it is 9. So the red rhinestone corresponds to the symbol associated with the number 9 which appears on the label of the rhinestone bag.

2. represents the symbols.

3.represents the DMC color reference. This number will allow you to order the desired colors, if necessary.

4.represents the amount of rhinestone contained in the sachet.

Namely: DMC is the world's specialist in sewing and embroidery threads. She designed a color chart of 447 colors that is world reference in the field of haberdashery.

The canvas close up.

After identifying the column, simply associate each strass with its symbol.

The clip can hold up to 3 rhinestones diamonds. For the stylus you will need to adapt the tips according to your needs, it can stick up to 9 rhinestones around.

Paste your rhinestones using the tools and use a ruler to align them.

At the end of your work, in order to optimize the adhesion of the rhinestones on the adhesive canvas, press over it with a flat support.

Paste your rhinestones using the tools and use a ruler to align them.

At the end of your work, in order to optimize the adhesion of the rhinestones on the adhesive canvas, press over it with a flat support.

Good to know:

The size of the diamonds: the squares about 2.5 mn and the rounds 2.8 mm.

As a result, the smaller the size of your image, the more pixelated you get, the image will be less defined. To obtain a very detailed image, it will be necessary to favor a large size for a clear and very distinguished rendering.

Author's Bio: 

Painting by diamonds is an exciting and addictive hobby, that can provide deep satisfaction if done the right way.