So, you decided to do a tattoo, but you a bit afraid of the possible complications. Let’s try to understand how to avoid those and have the right tattoo aftercare.

First, we start with mentioning that in fact, tattoos are sort of wounds on the skin where needles penetrate its upper layer to varying degrees. It's like a scratch, just bigger in area and a little deeper. How you take care of tattoos depends not only on normal healing, but also on your overall health. Remember: the quality of the tattoo healed on the body is 50% dependent on the work of the master and his professionalism, 50% of the care after the session and following the advice of the master.

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Try to have this post at your fingertips, and your master will tell you more about the various nuances and subtleties. Try to remember what he will say.

Now let’s understand how to care of a new tattoo.

You have made a tattoo, and the master carefully wiped the place of application and applied ointment (they generally recommend Bepanten ointment, not a cream, this is important. Special means for tattoo healing that he might have will suit as well)

Next, the area of the tattoo is wrapped with absorbing diaper and secured with paper tape. This is done to ensure that the fresh tattoo is protected from friction, ingress of dirt, dust, etc.

On arrival home, the diaper must be removed. Tattoo should be washed with warm water and soap and the procedure must be repeated with ointment and diaper. Per day such "compresses" should be done 3-5 times. After 4-5 days, you can simply lubricate the tattoo so that it is always in a moist.

In no case do not pick, do not rub and don’t scratch the tattoo because it can badly affect the healing and the quality of the tattooed image. For further care after complete healing, you can use a moisturiser.

Also, remember that at the time of healing you should not steam out the skin, sunbathe, eliminate too intense exercise and avoid open water.

Also, we need to mention that, perhaps, in the first days the tattoo may be lacking in brightness. This is the ok - the color will be subsequently restored. But if “gaps” or bleached stains appeared in the figure, it means that not all pigments have taken root during the healing process. This can be corrected only by correction and a visit you your tattoo master.

Treat your tattoo with respect, and then she will live happily, delighting you and those around you.

For a great tattoo treatment, you should work with Bepanthen tattoo aftercare cream.

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