How to Dissolve, Destroy And Chew-Up Anxiety & Stress

My grandma told me something at our Thanksgiving Day feast that I will never forget. For those who don’t know me, I am a skeptic, doubter and contrarian, and those are my positive character traits.

Would you believe a close relative (middle 80s) who suddenly announced she was a healer with special knowledge?

She said I should know I have two angels – not baseball players –
but the Archangel Michael and the Archangel Gabriel as my personal
guides and guardians. They accompanied me 24/7 on either side as my
protectors, (psychic helpers and cosmic friends). Bodyguards.


My favorite personality in the New Testament is Doubting Thomas,
also known as Didymus, Greek for twin. He is the one who when told
Jesus was resurrected, said in effect – Who says so? If I cannot put
my hand in his side and feel the hole. I do not believe it.

When J.C. came back to visit Thomas – the operative words were
Have faith and believe. After doing his own test of authenticity, only then did Thomas believe. Believe, but verify, said President Reagan.

Meditate On this

Grandma pulled out this sheet of paper and shoved at me to read. I decided to humor her and go along with gag. Here it is:

Every day in every way, you are getting Better-and-Better. It is through God’s help, through his agents-servants, the Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel.

The Archangels work together with your doctors and their assistants, and your own participation, to heal and repair your Mind-Body
Connection. It is occurring 24/7, on a daily basis ad infinitum.

I stopped and looked up and wanted to giggle, but bit my lip. She
had a look in her eye that said, Continue reading or you will be cut out of my estate (a large one). I complied.


Thank you Leukocytes, Phagocytes, Lymphocytes, Macrophages,
Microphages, T and B cells, Natural Killer cells, and Cytokines,
emanating from my Immune system. Thank you for dissolving, destroying, and chewing-up all Cancerous-Tumorous-and
Toxic cells, 24/7, and on a daily basis ad infinitum. And it is so.

Still More

Further, thank you Leukocytes, Phagocytes, and Lymphocytes
et al. for Expelling all living, dying and dead Cancerous, Tumorous,
and Toxic cells with each evacuation of your urine and/or feces.

This creates a Benign (B-9) Mind-Body Connection, and a perfect
healing and repair of your left kidney and prostate-gland. It is
occurring 24/7, ad infinitum. And it is so.


The ravings of an old lady? She never heard any of that stuff from me. Where she got it from is irrelevant. I was not giggling any longer.
I made up my mind that I was calling my doctor for an immediate appointment.

Grandma said to read aloud her Incantation (chant) three-times daily, with feeling if I wanted a healing. I asked her where she came up with
that material. Her answer: none of your business, but she did leave me
with three thoughts.

a) Use it or lose it (the knowledge)
b) What we resist persists.
c) Analysis-Paralysis (action, not words).


Do you doodle on a slip of paper at meetings or while on the phone?

Most people consider doodling a loss of attention, and a form of day-dreaming and mind-wandering. Bosses at boring meetings and
lectures rant and rave that doodling is insulting.

Recent research on Doodling at the University of Plymouth (England) by lead author professor Jackie Andrade appears in the journal - Applied Cognitive Psychology, March 2009. Other researchers often cite it.

If you are attending a boring meeting and feel your eyelids slowly fading from your control, grab a pen and start doodling.

The results have been replicated internationally. Doodling increases memory on average just under 30% compared to those who make-believe they are giving their full attention, but are really dozing with
their eyes open.

How come? Doodling requires a large amount of brain processing power. The effort to sketch and scratch requires you to focus your attention between your doodles and listening to contents of the lecture.

There is a conflict doing on in your brain between paying strict
attention to the boring material and Daydreaming. Doodling
spars with daydreaming and wins because your right-brain is
concentrating on sketching the picture, and not snoozing.

Exercise Your Brain

If you want to improve the function of your brain as you age,
exercise your right-hemisphere (brain) by using your non-dominant
hand every chance you get.

If you are a righty and 90% of us are, purposely brush your teeth with your left hand. If you fork your food with your right-hand,
intentionally switch to using your left-hand for one day a week.

You are exercising your right-brain and improving integration of both halves of your brain. It excites your corpus callosum – the seat of communication between your left and right-brains. Avoid Alzheimer.

Anxiety And Stress Discharge

If you are going for a critical job interview, or giving a presentation to
the Board of Directors, or a kid in school taking the SAT, you are stressed out from prepping and anxiety, right?

We like baby-easy strategies to overcome the challenges of life. Sooner or later we are scared of embarrassing our self at an important event.

Secret: ten-minutes of relaxed conversation ignoring test-talk-interview advice, and your presentation. Your stress hormones fade.

It Works - How come?

Your brain switches from your Sympathetic to your Parasympathetic Nervous System. Goodbye Fight-or-Flight. Your adrenaline stops pumping and you relax. Research tracked 3,510 folks, ages 24 to 96.

Google: University of Michigan, professor Oscar Ybarro, 2008.
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