Painting with diamonds is a lot like painting with numbers, but instead of using paint that makes a lot of dirt, you use small pebbles that we call diamonds on a sticky canvas, zero dirt.

You can see how paint with diamonds works and still buy your kit from our exclusive online store in the USA. The process may seem intimidating, but it is quite simple

When you get the hang of it, you'll find the project quite relaxing. We've brought you some steps to help you understand how the process works.

Buy a diamond painting kit.

You can find them online at There are several brands on the market, but we at Diamond Painting, first stocked entirely in Brazil, take care of the entire process and you still have purchases and support via Whatsapp, which makes the whole process much easier. Our kits come with an image printed on a fabric canvas, enough and leftover diamonds, a tray, a collecting pen-shaped tool, and a gel pack for diamond adhesion and application.

Learn how to read the screen.

It is covered with small colored, numbered and symbolic circles, such as embroidery canvas, and each number or symbol corresponds to a diamond color. There is a caption printed next to the screen with the number or symbol of each diamond and next to this caption a number corresponding to its color in diamond packages.

Unroll the canvas and tape it to a smooth surface.

If the screen is not open, roll it to the other side and unroll it. You can even layout on a table and use masking tape to keep it taut. This project may take some time. It is a good idea to stick the canvas to a surface that can be moved easily.

Lift a piece of film that covers the screen.

Do not take it all off, 10 to 20 cm is enough. Fold the film and smooth it with your fingernail so that it does not unfold. Our kits come with a 100% transparent film, which helps a lot throughout the process.

Pour the first color of diamonds into the tray.

Look at the piece of canvas you just exposed, pick a place to start and look at the number or symbol on it. Check the number in the caption and find the package with the same number. Open it and pour a handful of diamonds into the tray that came with the kit.

Dip the collecting pen into the adhesion gel.

Open the gel pack that came in the kit. Dip the pen tip into it to pick up a little. This will help the tool pick up the diamonds. In addition to the tip where you take one diamond at a time, our collecting pen comes with a wide tip where you can take up to three diamonds at a time.

Use the pen to pick up a diamond.

Touch the tip of the pen gently to the top of the diamond. Move the pen away from the tray, the diamond should be stuck to it. Leave the tray near the screen for easy access to it.

Gently press the diamond into place.

Move the pen away, the diamond should be glued to the dream-tech sticker screen. If this is your first time, press lightly. Thus, if the diamond is not well-positioned, you can place it in the right place and press to paste well.

Fill in the other spaces in this area.

Work one color at a time, dipping the pen into the gel whenever you need it. When you have filled in all the spaces of the same code, go to the next color. This will make your work faster and more organized. Avoid touching the screen with your fingers, the more you touch it, the less the diamonds will stick.

Remove another area of ​​the film and fill in more spaces.

Keep working on the screen with the same technique. Raise 10 to 20 cm, one color at a time. When you finish one area, go to the next. Do not peel off all the film at once, the screen may get dirty and lose the glue.

Cover the screen with the film that came with it.

If you have discarded the film, you can cover it with plastic film.

Pass a rolling pin on the screen to press on the diamonds that didn't stick well.

If you do not have a roll, you can use a can or cup. You can also press the screen with your hands if you prefer.

Stack heavy books on top of the screen at night to increase diamonds' adherence to the screen and ensure they do not fall.

If you do not have books large enough to cover the canvas, you can use other smooth and heavy objects such as a box or cutting board.

Remove the film.

Take the books off and remove the film from the screen. Also, peel off the tape that has stuck to the corners to keep the screen taut. Do not cut excess fabric, as this may cause the fabric to sag.

Frame your screen.

You can frame your canvas and use it as a decoration in your home, office or gift someone dear. Remove the glass from the frame and place the screen. Fold the leftovers and place the back of the frame. Leave without glass for diamonds to shine. For an elegant touch, place the canvas on another fabric or larger paper to have an extra edge inside the frame. Choose a color that matches the diamonds and or the environment where it will be presented.

-Put the diamonds in medicine jars and number them.
-Flip all the diamonds up the tray for easy work.
-Cover your work with film every time you take a break. --This will protect the diamonds and uncovered parts of the screen.
-Put plastic wrap in the pan and cover the gel or wax every time you pause to dry.
-Wipe the screen with a damp cloth and do not rub.


Do not wash the screen in the washing machine and do not iron.

Do not remove the film at one time or the glue on the screen will get dirty and loose.

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Diamond painting, also called by its other names paint by diamonds & Diamond Art, is the newest trend to take the crafting world by storm.