Just like any other business, your tech company needs to promote itself to clients. Whether your firm deals with IT support, software development, quality testing, or other types of services, you need to find effective ways to share the benefits of those services with the world.

That’s where quality online content comes in. Content marketing is the practice of using articles, blog posts, videos, and other pieces to provide useful information that customers and prospects will seek out and value. The strategy is to become recognized as a company that knows its stuff and is willing to share its expertise with customers.

Content development can be used for any type of business but there are certain methods you’ll want to use when you create it specifically for your technology firm.

Understand Your Customers

The key to connecting with your customers using quality content is understanding their needs. That’s how you figure out the topics your content should cover. For example, do you provide enterprise solutions? If so, what are some implementation challenges your customers or potential customers might face?

Say you know your customers have problems integrating new software with legacy systems and that they don’t want to pay to replace those systems. How about an article or a white paper describing the benefits of replacing legacy systems and how doing so is actually more cost-effective in the long run?

With this content, you’ve accomplished three goals: letting readers know you (1) understand their needs, (2) have their back, and (3) have the expertise to address their concerns. Rather than giving them a litany of features and benefits, you’ve given them something even more important to the sales process: trust.

Temper the Tech Talk

Remember that you might be addressing multiple audiences. Those who come across your content could be CEOs, CIOs, engineers, or admins tasked with finding specific information. So, make your material accessible to all of them. This can be a tricky balance because you’ll need to assume different levels of technical understanding.

You can get around this challenge by creating sections that address these different levels. For example, at the beginning of an article, you can provide a summary that explains what you’re discussing in a general, non-tech-heavy way. Then, within the article itself, you can provide more detail.

While you’re identifying your audience, you should also be mindful about who holds the wallet. Your target audience should be the person in a position to make a purchasing decision or someone with the ability to influence that person.

Go Where Your Customers Are

In addition to posting content on your own website, social media profiles, YouTube channel, and blog expand your reach by contacting sites where your customers are likely to see your stuff. Ask if you can write a guest blog post for another blog or create a relevant article for a how-to-tech site.

In addition to going to where your customers are, make it easy for them to come to you. Do so by including SEO keywords in all your content. SEO is a whole practice in itself but, briefly, you want to use terms in your content that people input into search engines to find your work. Perform SEO research to find out which terms to use.

Make the Next Step Obvious

As valuable as your excellent content might be to readers, you’re creating it for a reason: to turn those readers into prospects and those prospects into customers. That’s why you need to use your content to gently guide readers to the next step of your sales process. Such steps could include:

Schedule a demo. There’s no substitute for a walkthrough in which you can explain all the features and benefits of your platform or service.

Schedule a call. Like a demo, a call gives you an opportunity to get to know a prospect, hear about their challenges, and discuss how you can meet their needs.

Sign up for a newsletter. Maybe a particular reader isn’t ready to make a purchasing decision right now. That’s okay. Give them a way to stay in touch with you through a regular newsletter (through which you can deliver more excellent content).

Sign up for a webinar. A webinar is another way to show your expertise and gain prospects’ trust.

With all these methods, you get contact information from the prospect, enabling you to follow up with them in the future. When developing content, be sure to place a big “Schedule a Demo” or another call to action somewhere obvious, so readers know the next step to take if they want to continue to engage with you.

In Summary

Content marketing is an effective way to get your message heard. Just remember, content marketing isn’t about you, it’s about your readers. Give them value, help them solve their technology problems, and watch as those readers become your next customers.

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