Marie Guerlain is a renowned humanitarian and an artist who belongs to the sixth generation of the Guerlain perfumes and cosmetic dynasty. She was born in Paris, brought up in London and Switzerland, and went for training afterward at the Chelsea College of Art and Parsons School of Design in New York. Marie Guerlain has vast expertise in cookware and cooking itself. She has listed a great number of recipes on her site. Her ambition has only grown and nurtured over time and it has shown in the knowledge she has gained and the work that she does.

As the heir to Guerlain, Marie knows how to take care of your skin and avoid issues with it. The advice is simple yet very effective – Tend to your skin by controlling your drinking habits, by eating healthy, getting adequate hours of sleep and the biggest one – stop smoking! What you should also be mindful of is exfoliating once a week and keeping your skin moisturized at all times!

Since Marie Guerlain is also a nutritional health coach, she is highly informed when it comes to the habits that make or break our outlook.

We will speak on detoxing. Let’s talk about how Marie thinks where detoxing begins from. It begins from your kitchen. There are more than 1500 chemicals lurking in your household and many of these can be found in the kitchen. This is dangerous information and one that can give anyone trust issues even if they have the most sparkling kitchen. You will be flabbergasted to know that the cleaning products you store, the microwave, plastic wrapping and crockery are in cahoots to slowly poison you.

Naturally, Marie has solutions to this too. If you want to detoxify your scheming kitchen, the first thing you need to do is replace your cleaning products with natural products. Start by mixing bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and lemon. Also consider replacing plastic wrapping with substitutes like paper bags, beeswax wrap or glass containers. All of these steps will ultimately rid your kitchen of toxins. And it’s important! You make all the food you consume here!

As for detoxing within by the food you eat, Marie dishes out the well-known facts. But since it’s coming from someone as experienced and knowledgeable as her, we believe it twice as much. Make an effort to prevent consuming refined sugar. Replace sugar cravings with fresh fruit. Or if you really need to sweeten something then use raw organic honey (the refined one is harmful because of the artificial ingredients used) or fresh dates! You should be focused on eating vegetables, nuts, seeds and healthy fats like potatoes or virgin olive oil.

Marie Guerlain has also released her line of luxury cookware just recently. It’s called Ondine and it’s fabulous. Not only can it match the aesthetic of a beautiful kitchen but it’s made of Titanium 316Ti which is the finest non-toxic stainless steel on the whole market. Plus, it’s good for induction cooking.

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