It is important to validate the performance of your critical components within your business. You can get various testing solutions for testing systems like back-up generators, uninterruptible supplies of power, power distribution units, computer air conditioning units, power distribution, as well as other systems that are needed for facility operations.

For conducting the most successful commissioning test, you can consider the following systems call for specialised load bank solutions:

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS): To test UPS systems, you can use resistive load bank, so that you can know the power outrage. Besides, for testing battery strings, you need to opt for a DC load bank.
  • Power Distribution Unit (PDU): For testing the power distribution unit, you need to select a load bank that is capable of accommodating different testing locations. For instance, the load bank should be able to function under a raised floor, in an overhead bus track, or a remote power panel.
  • Back-up Generators: Generators are a source of back-up power when utility power is not available. Hence, testing the generators at their nameplates with load banks is necessary. Moreover, by testing them with a load bank, you will be able to confirm the operation of the paralleling controls for numerous generators.
  • Computer Room Air Conditioning Unit (CRAC): If you want to test your facility’s power systems, as well as its advanced cooling systems, then you need to opt for a load bank that will accurately measure the airflow as well as its temperature changes in different configurations and environments.

More Tips!

  • You must have access to the special load banks for special environments. For instance, if you are working in an extremely quiet environment, then you need to opt for a load bank that minimises the noise to some extent. You must consider opting for a water-cooled load bank device rather than an air-cooled one. It is because a water-cooled load bank device is less noisy than an air-cooled one.
  • The type of load bank solution also depends on the location of your commissioning test.  If you are choosing load banks for housed outdoors, then they need to handle exposure to the elements. Besides for indoors with under control circumstances, you need to choose a load bank that can b3e compact for maneuvering easily to the internal location.
  • You should develop a commissioning test plan for ensuring success, as it identifies the system to be tested and acts as the best lead bank solutions for each of the systems. It is better to partner with an experienced supplier that provides load bank for hire, as they will help you authenticate the design and performance of the system before your facility goes into production.

Last Verdict!

Therefore, these are some of the ways you can determine the right type of load bank for testing your office machinery. Also, you must consider hiring a load bank for sale from a reputed company, so that you can get a high-quality load bank for testing the performance of your machinery appropriately.

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