Are you searching for wine storage ideas to keep your collection at home? As you might know that you need a climate-controlled environment to preserve the condition of your favourite drinks, it is always a good idea to build a cellar. To create it stunning in appearance, you have to select a wine storage design very carefully.

Some of the most popular design options are spiral and classic ones. Spiral designs are preferred for building a storage unit at a compact location. For transforming the space into a traditional style, you have to select one of the most suitable classic designs. Apart from these options, you can find contemporary designs for homes with modern amenities. Suppose you get inspired with different ideas to design your wine room, you can go with a bespoke one.

Tips to Build a Cellar of Your Dreams

• Location is the first thing to be picked wisely. Select a cool and dark location such as the basement to start your project.

• Depending on your storage requirements, you can choose the location. Other options include areas underneath the stairs for small cellars and storeroom for any-sized cellars.

• Buying the right type of cellar component is a must to keep your collection well-preserved. Cooling units, vibration reducers, and humidifiers are a must.

• While choosing the material, concrete comes within the budget. You can also select other materials like stone and marble to enhance the beauty of your storage unit.

• Airtight sealing is a must to keep the storage condition unaltered. Also, you have to install good quality insulators as well as vapour barriers.

Employing DIY methods can make it difficult to build the storage unit of your dreams because a single mistake can ruin all your efforts. To make sure about top-notch construction of your wine room, find a reliable contractor and let him take responsibility to transform your ideas.

Is Wine Storage Organisation a Factor to Be Considered?

Once you are ready with your cellar, you have to fill up the racks with your favourite bottles. It is advised not to store your collection in any fashion when you want to enjoy your drinks for years. In most cases, people store bottles upright that dries out the cork. To avoid the dryness of cork and development of cracks, the ideal way is to place each bottle horizontally. This is how wines remain in contact with the cork all the time.

Some Benefits of Building a Wine Room

When the aim is to keep your collection in superior condition, you have to keep them inside a cellar. It is a place where you could maintain the temperature and humidity levels at 55oF and 65 per cent respectively. With a cellar at home, you can also protect your drinks from loud noises and vibrations. It means that you could enjoy the real taste of wines at any time. However, you must keep a check on the expiration date to avoid spoilage.

Another benefit is that a cellar lets you organise your collection effectively. You can store your entire collection on racks till the time you don’t use them. Suppose you are looking for a way to store a couple of used bottles, a cellar is the right storage unit to keep them in good condition for the next 4 – 5 days. This is how it helps you save your money.

So, find a reliable contractor to get top wine storage design options for building a cellar. A professionally-built wine room can let you spend quality time with your friends and family whenever you want. Hurry up and start your project to stock your collection!

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The author is a good architect with years of experience in creating wine storage designs. He is also a good singer. He recently started blogging on wine cellar construction.